Tuesday, June 21, 2005

On Plagiarism

My books need no one to accuse or judge you: the page which is yours stands up against you and says, "You are a thief." Author: Marcus Valerius Martial
Last week, my blogger friend celebrated his birthday and some of us greeted him in private emails. After four days, he blogged about how his birthday went, THE BIRTHDAY MONTH by The J Spot. The next day, another blogger felt writing exactly the same thing as his entry with very slight revisions, THE MERRY (MARRED) BIRTHDAY 17. (See also J.Angelo's COPYCAT entry)
When I was still a student, my teachers would always sarcastically remind us during exams, "dahan-dahan sa pagkopya, baka pati pangalan ng kaklase nyo maisulat nyo sa papel nyo"...amusing but this plagiarist copied to his blog the same tag message I gave J.Angelo on his birthday. I'm puzzled, would a real blogger in his right state of mind actually do this. Is this for real or another spoof blog?
And how about this entry K2BU, June 15 entry: Pasayahin ang Pera which was exactly the same as this entry Redbacks, March 2 entry: Pasayahin ang Pera. The only thing that Redbacks said when I asked him about it was: "yes. sa akin un. di ko alam kung bakit... tsk! but all my entries are GPL and everybody has the right to post it anywhere. nakakainis lang at wala man lang credit sa akin".

Another blogger friend, BUGHAW, who was also a victim, expressed her experience on this issue: "...right beside my plagiarized post was the nickname of the blogger culprit...I almost fell off my chair when I further found out that more than twenty (20) bloggers have the exact same post(s) on their Livejournal blogs — I was too exhausted to count beyond 20."
This issue on plagiarism has been going on in the internet, unstoppable. It is too offensive for the original writer/ photographer not to be cited for his/ her work. With clicking the link icon in our blogs, it won't take us 3 minutes to do that. Why can't we link back to acknowledge the original authors?
I am not yet a victim (well, as far as I know) but I don't want to wait 'til my works are plagiarized before I address this issue. How can we fight back against plagiarists? Any idea? Please let us know.
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Since we may not distinguish between deliberate and accidental plagiarism, the heart of avoiding plagiarism is to make sure you give credit where it is due. This may be credit for something somebody said, wrote, emailed, drew, or implied. (SOURCE: Avoiding Plagiarism)


Punzi said...

Not only it this a matter of legalities and intellectual property rights, it's also a simple matter of courtesy and good blog-conduct.


silentmode_v2 said...

what to do with plagiarists? give them a shame game... submit the original sites with the "copied ones" (by screen capture of their sites) to www DOT pirated-sites DOT com.

afterwards, broadcast it to everyone you know..hehehe

redbaks said...

actually what i did was i posted a comment to the "pirated" post linking back to my actual post. and then i posted on his tagboard and linked it also to my original post.

J. Angelo Racoma said...

I agree with Punzi that these issues are primarly that of simple courtesy and good conduct.

And I believe karamihan naman ng problema nalulutas sa maayos na usapan.


milkphish said...

Marisol - a very good post about a very perplexing situation. who knows what drives these plagiarists to do what they do as they try to pass on someone else's writing as their own.

you really do not want to be mean by uncovering the plagiarists' misdeeds, but your first instinct is to do just that --- because their misdeeds are truly offensive! I agree with Punzi's points.

i just read some of k2bu's posts, but i cannot comprehend his incoherent ramblings. to quote k2bu, "every individual is entitled to mimics." he further writes, "It's become more an insult to me that comprise that k2bu is a COPY-CAT and me who imitates or mimics others that can be read by my relatives, friends and acquaintances and dishearthen me."

huh??? what did he just say? tinagalog na lang sana niya.

milkphish said...

pahabol: it can be a different thing to cite someone else's writings and twist it to make it (sorta) your own. but, it is downright wrong to copy someone else's post in verbatum.

most importantly, k2bu not only plagiarized redbaks article --- he is also guilty of image and bandwidth theft (also called direct linking) because the images of the quezon bills on k2bu's blog are still pointing to redbaks' album server.

Patrice said...

By the title of the blog itself, he finds no fault in plagiarism. K2BU (Okay to be you). What an A******!
Like Punzi and J. Angelo said, it is common courtesy to acknowledge the source. Much like inventions and designs, it is what you call "intellectual property".
I think what Redbacks did was very good :) Not accusing him outward, he (and J. Angelo) got the desired reaction. He blogged guiltily about being a copy-cat. Haha! :)

Patrice said...

Emotions got the best of me. My apologies! His blog name could have meant Katubo (K2BU) although parang siyan bisaya kung yun nga meaning non!


J.ANGELO, Very admirable reaction to the incident. I saw in your tagboard that he apologized too. Right, allowed to fester, these negative feelings can consume increasingly larger portions of our lives. The forgiving person is always the stronger.


EVERYONE, as emphasized, and agreed by Punzi and J.Angelo, the issue is a simple matter of courtesy and good blog conduct.

This entry does not single out K2BU which could only be a test blog, but to all of us bloggers who may be accused of deliberate or accidental plagiarizm.

As I said here in my entry, it is too offensive for the original writer/ photographer not to be cited for his/ her work. With clicking the link icon in our blogs, it won't take us 3 minutes to do that. It's easy for us to link back to acknowledge the original authors.

Pag ginawa nating practice yan sa blogging natin araw-araw, I'm sure walang gulo *wink*

Sam said...

Plagiarism is plain and simple intellectual dishonesty and thievery.

For Patrice: What do you mean with your comment: "His blog name could have meant Katubo (K2BU) although parang siyan bisaya kung yun nga meaning non!"?

LadyWhiteSpirit said...

"Ipagpasalamat natin at nagkaroon tayo ng pagkakataong magamit natin ang ating kababaang-loob".nakita ko eto sa sagot ni j angelo racoma nasa sagot na niya mismo ang solusyon"nandun na ang moral lesson sa sagot niya".


PUNZI, yep, "courtesy and good blog conduct", let's link back and acknowledge the original authors, it's as simple as that.

SILENT-V2, I would do that when worse comes to worst. But if it was as harmless as this, sabi ni J.Angelo, "lahat ng bagay nadadaan sa maayos na usapan".

LadyWhiteSpirit said...

maaaaaaaam sol ang hirap pala mag edit.....waaaaaaaaaa tinatamad na naman ako.......mag eedit sana ako nakapag blog hop ako di ko mapigilan!baka tignan ko kung ano magagawa ng powers ko kung makapag post me...hehehehe sensya na ha....


REDBACKS, smart move which won't agitate anybody. People would inevitably offend you, be kind anyway. *wink*

MILKPHISH, I read the latest entry too, amusing, kasabihan nga "sa bibig nahuhuli ang isda". It doesn't matter now, he admitted "mimicking" some entries but he should've cited the sources.


PATRICE, di ko naisip na ang K2BU is "ok to be you", which is a good blog concept ha, if you think about it. Copy/ pasting some good entries that you see in others' blogs, this blog would be a popular one becuase bloggers would check if their entries are that interesting to be posted there. But then again, the original authors should be cited.

EVERYONE, I still don't know how we can really protect ourselves from plagiarism. I have trackers on the sides and at the bottom of my blog, but that won't guarantee not being plagiarized. The "no right click" doesn't always work too. What can we really do about it?


TITO SAM, of course the guilty won't admit to the crime, di ko na linya yan, si Atty Punzi ang bahala na dyan.

LWS, marami pa ring mabuting tao sa mundo...hindi init ng ulo ang solusyon sa mga ganitong bagay...ok lang gir, take your time dyan sa Q&A, di naman nagmamadali yan di ba?

Air Milikay said...

way back when i was number 1 @ Homestead, people from south america and china used to copy my entire index.html but with spanish or chinese translations. yay.

it's a form of flttery but what made me grimaced was the bandwidth losts for me because everytime their page opens or a photo (my) was clicked i lost precious bandwidth.

i emailed them to copy the fotos in their servers but you know they just ignored me, so i was forced to removed all the photos and have a dynamic photo presentation, they copied the html again. as a last resort i have to write painful emails to their isp's. hay buhay.

it's easier to check now with the who is linking path. i think there's a minority who really copies en block.

chuck it to fame i guess. sugar sweetener to the ego for sure, can't swat the pests entirely.

LadyWhiteSpirit said...

di naman nagmamadali hehehehe .

bw said...

Thanks for reminding us again of the important issue of plagiarism Teacher Sol. I know Jangelo had issued a blog alert earlier of someone plagiarizing his site. In a deregulated, free for all environment common sense and basic respect for one another is all we need to keep us going, informed and entertained. Sadly, not everyone adheres to the unwritten rule. I am also assuming that there are kids out there and I mean this in the literal way , who are blogging crazy, unaware of internet etiquette and the seriousness of plagiarism. Today, the onus is on the owner to protect the integrity of his intellectual property. There are products today that can prevent plagiarism over the internet ( www. Plagiarism.org.) but they are not free.

Going a bit further, there is a general perception that people are second guessing the informative content of blogs considering them unreliable information. Looks like Google is undertaking this challenge and will come up with a system that will check the reliability of blog contents and will rank them accordingly for the public’s consumption. Very interesting development.

With regard to KA2BU I am a little unclear as to its implication with being Bisaya. I speak Hiligaynon and find no correlation with it whatsoever.

J. Angelo Racoma said...


REDBACKS, smart move which won't agitate anybody. People would inevitably offend you, be kind anyway. *wink*

Naku, matindi magalit yang si Redbaks! Hehehehe. ;)

Am glad things are turning out well.



J.ANGELO, cool dudes tayo, walang initan ng ulo, nadadaan yan sa maayos na usapan di ba, kaya nga meron tayong mga abogado *wink*, para maghusga sa may sala. Ako'y isang hamak na guro, di ko linya yan and I don't tolerate riots...hahaha

Patrice said...

Mr. Sam,: Am not trying to ruffle your feathers. Visayans (my Mom is one by the way) have a tendency to spell and speak differently than tagalogs. Like, minabuti is sometimes spelled minaboti. You get what I mean? It was not said as an insult :) Peace!

Patrice said...

BW: Please read my response to Mr. Sam before you feel insulted.

Patrice said...

To all who are about to or have responded to my comment regarding the bisaya connection to the blog name K2BU, do not take it literally. It was stated in a form of though and not as an insult. If it was, I would have been insulting my mother too (and the whole clan of my Mom) beause they are Bisayas living in Cebu.


AIR MILIKAY, thanks for sharing, I got really informed by your post. Now I have to research about bandwith now that I know that it's relevant to bloggers, I am so naive with these things. You got it right, "can't swat the pests entirely" so I'm here soliciting advice from readers on how we can avoid being plagiarized.

BW, I google searched and found that these products which could help prevent being plagiarized are indeed expensive. Ahh! Can't have it all for free. Even in schools, plagiarism is rampant, that's why I just "play by ears" with my students, who's really capable of writing the papers submitted to me, kung medyo duda, I Google search the topic.


LWS, pano mo nagagawang pagalawin yang picture mo dyan? Di ba yan napapagod? hahaha...

PATRICE, I guess it's a miscommunication. I am sure your message is now crystal clear...hahaha

Air Milikay said...

to teach sol:

in the old days free hosters gives you a free bandwidth say 1 gig per month. every time some one clicks on yor site (say your page is 50 meg rich icluding photos) it's minus 50 meg from your alloted 1 gig. the more people go to your site the faster you will run out of bandwidth. when you run out of bandwidth your web site goes blank or you see the hoster note like geocities or homestead saying the website cannot be accessed, come back in a few hours. kind of telling you "we are on you, make your site less meg if you are that popular, therefore that's why you see small photos in the popular websites (thumbs)"

so for the one who is linking directly thru your photos, they get free bandwidth, cause my dear, the original isp (yours) or your free website hoster is accessed not the one who is linking. so bandwidth theft is that. you lose the bandwidth while the one linking to your photo is not losing any bandwidth.

say, if they make corrections (translations) or if they copy your index or any page but still uses your direct link, then the worst affected is you, cause you lose bandwidth, which is equals to whatever the size of your page, everytime some one accesses that link (yours)

hope i explained it to you, there is really no way to stop someone linking from you directly (photos) free or paid stopware cannot stop emphasis cannot stop. the best thing is notify the copier of the consequences for you. mostly 99% of the time, they are ignorant of the consequences. most copier when informed just unlink.

with the advent of link tracers nowadays there are not much malicious or premiditated bandwidth theft that i see. if they copy, i think its innocence or maybe they think the source (you) wouldn't know.

it helped? i hope

LadyWhiteSpirit said...

inuulit ko uli... "Ipagpasalamat natin at nagkaroon tayo ng pagkakataong magamit natin ang ating kababaang-loob"....hehehe

si avril yung avatar ko maam' last yr pa yan na avatar ko noong nasa bravenet pa me

mahirap na maging wild maghusga wala "akong" mapapala si j angelo racoma nga di niya masipa yung nangkopya eh! mahirap mag tadyakan sa internet..tsk tsk tsk

Air Milikay said...

to teacher sol: (again) he he he

in mcgill and concordia university here in montreal ( mi sons go there) there is a software or program they uses to check on term papers or exams for plagiarism.

if they caught you plagiarising, you will fail and subject to expulsion. sadly there are internet companies that sells services to write termpapers for you or even research papers. i know of some medical people here who buys research or presentation papers on medical issues (seminars perse)

as for the exact name of the software or program i don't know the name.

LadyWhiteSpirit said...

maam nasa "kung puwede lang sana" na blog ko nailagay.....oks na!medyo tamad ako magsulat....waaaaaaaa bawi na lang ako next time ha...hehehe

Punzi said...

Angelo said:

"And I believe karamihan naman ng problema nalulutas sa maayos na usapan."

I say:

"Ako dalawang bote lang ok na... heheheheh!"

And please quote me on that...

LadyWhiteSpirit said...

hala may nag qoute na ng "bote"..hehehe as in dalwang bote pa hehehe palagay ko may inuman dito mamaya o batuhan ng bote.

napaka cool naman ng mapupulot na qoutes dito teacher sol .

heto dagdag kaalaman :"tanging babaeng lamok lamang ang nangangagat at ang dugong nakukuha niya ay siyang nagiging punlaan niya para pag-itlogan".napanood ko yan sa kumikitang kabuhayan.----naisip ko ang babait naman ng mga lalakeng lamok di nangangagat...hehehe

milkphish said...

There is a quick and easy way to check if your penned article is floating elsewhere in cyberspace without your consent.

Simply go to Technorati - www.technorati.com - and type in a phrase that is unique to your article or simply the title of your article (because most plagiarists retain the title), and put them in "quotes" - this will force the search engine to match the whole phrase - try it with and without quotes.

Sample an article archived in k2bu's blog, entitled "Blankong Papel". Go to Technorati and type in "blankong papel" --- see what it turns up and try to figure out who the original article belongs to. When I typed up this phrase the other day, k2bu's blog popped up among the search results --- but, now his blog is not listed. This leads me to believe that he disabled the pings and trackbacks from his site so that his blog will not come up in any searches.

Hay naku! My time has been diverted again! I'm supposed to be cleaning the house before hubby comes back from his business trip. We haven't really organized things back into place since we moved back in after the "fire" incident almost a year ago.

Well, happy searching on Technorati, also known as "egorati"

Jayred said...

Thanks for this post. Naku, laganap na pala ang plagiarism sa Net. Di pa naman ako bikitma (and hope I will never be), kasi personalized yung mga blog entries ko (most of them anyway). Wala naman akong kilalang ibang Pinoy bloggers sa Switzerland. Wala ng time siguro at napaka fast-paced ng buhay dito, hehe.

Pano ba ginagawa ng ibang bloggers yung strategy na pag may gustong mag copy and paste, hindi puede? Kumbaga yung texts and photos parang protected from that. Di kasi ako tech savvy e.

God bless ha!


AIR MILIKAY, Thanks for the input, that's very helpful, I had to read your message very slowly to make sure I absorb every detaild of it, panggap lang kasi ako sa pagiging tech savvy ko...hehehe...baguhan po sa pagiging technology liaison. I will let you know if I have further questions.

LWS, ok I will check your blog later. I am about to give a lecture presentation to my co-teachers here eh. Ang bilis ng commenters ko, isang oras lang ako nawala sa harap ng computer, 7 comments agad ang nakuha ko dito...hehehe...later!


PUNZI, "couples" lang pala, kayang-kaya ni J.Angelo yan, kaka birthday palang nya di ba? hehehe...not yet too late for that. Lakas mong magparinig ah!

MILKPHISH, I will try that technocrati.com, this is a good one! thanks! See, I'm learning a lot here, I am a student when it comes to technology. But my co-teachers here doesn't know that...shhh!...I am going to give a lecture presentation on "Integrating Writing and Technology In the Classroom" in short, blogging. Lakas kong magpanggap 'no...hehehe


JAYRED, both of us are going to learn a lot from our tech savvy blogger friends here on how to avoid being plagiarized. Ganda ng usapan dito, I am learning a lot from everyone. Di ka pa rin nabi-biktima ng plagiarism? Kawawa naman tayo, hindi ganyan ka-interesting ang posts natin.

Alan Ambot said...

the plagiarist only insults himself by copying the work of another person. he's telling the world, "hey guys, i'm incapable of thinking."

hi patrice. :-)

Isabela said...

Ano ba ang use ng Creative Commons Law? I noticed marami nito sa mga blogs. Wala naman yatang protection 'yon eh. (Sorry tanga ako sa mga ganitong bagay). Very practical ang payo ni Punzi, courtesy and good blog conduct. Katulad ng sinabi ko Sol, ako ay isang manunulat. Sanay akong lahat ng lumalabas sa utak ko ay naka-copyright at may bayad.Bago ako nag-blog sinabi na sa akin ni S. na gumagawa ako ng kuwento na libre at dahil nasa internet puwedeng gamitin ng kung sino-sino.it does not offer the same protection as published manuscripts. Pero nag-blog pa rin ako kasi natuwa ako na nakakausap mo ay iba't ibang tao (wala akong life hehe). Yung ibang works ko na-feature pa sa mga magazines at dyaryo noon pero iba ang dating ng blog. Nakakalibang. So I took the risk. Nakakaraos ang pagka-mahadera at daldalera ko. 1 1/2 months pa lang akong nagba-blog, na-adik na ako. Nagkaroon ako ng mga bagong kaibigan. Nakakaaliw.

If you want to see creative writing in a blog check out www.kababloghan.com. These writers took the risk. It's no mean feat to churn out scary short stories three times a week! Alam nilang puwede silang ma-plageriaze pero they enjoy doing what they do. And, take note, this is a group of published writers!

Isabela said...

Ei Patrice,
Cool lang tayo,labs. Minsan o madalas miscommunication lang ang dahilan(tulad ng comment ni Major Tom sa entry ni Sol na extra yung sulat ko).Tinamaan ako doon, sa totoo lang. Nag-isip ako kung sasagutin ko o hindi, Pero naisip ko, one thing na napuna ko sa mga bloggers, maingat sila sa feelings ng iba. Ika ko nga, magagalang. Kaya lang may mga subjects na "touchy" talaga. Eto lang ang aking ten cents worth kung mamarapatin ninyo.
When we write comments sa ibang blogs, hindi naman tayo nakababad sa pc at paulit-ulit na kino-correct ang mga sinulat natin . Minsan, may kasama pang emote 'yan. Madalas ang daming typo, hindi mo na tuloy maintindihan kung ano ang sinasabi. Ang mahalaga, meron kayong boses, meron kayong venue to express your opinions. kapag blogger ka with principles , mahirap maging BALAT SIBUYAS. You cannot please everyone all the time. Mauubos ang oras mo sa kae-explain sa sarili mo. Di ang mangyayari, magbolahan na lang tayo lahat at magpurihan nang magpurihan. Mutual appreciation baga. Hindi kaya mukha tayong mga tanga? Ano tayo, kulang sa atensyon? hehehe joke 'tong last sentences. Baka may magalit na naman.

hol said...

"Why can't we link back to acknowledge the original authors?" -TeacherSol

Amen! It's not that hard to put quotes around something and tell your readers who said it. For example, I just did it - wow, that was so easy!

I'm glad I read this entry so that I am aware of this. It is ridiculous that people are doing such a thing.

vonjobi said...

teacher sol: don't worry about bandwidth, yung sinasabi ni air only applies to geocities and hosted sites (like i.ph, hi jspot!). wala po tayong problemang ganito sa blogger. re technorati, please note that it's NOT technoCrati =)

isabela: creative commons (CC) is really just a notice that lets people know what they can or cannot do with your content. it's like the copyright page in a book. you can also look at it as a warning: "i will sue you if you violate my CC license."

J. Angelo Racoma said...


they also registered www.technocrati.com for dyslexics like myself who can't distinguish between the two darn things.


milkphish said...

sabi ni vonjobi, "don't worry about bandwidth, yung sinasabi ni air only applies to geocities and hosted sites (like i.ph, hi jspot!). wala po tayong problemang ganito sa blogger."

this is not a problem at blooger.com because blogger.com does not provide hosting space to hold any photos. your photos need to be hosted in another server. but, it can still affect bloggers from blogger.com if their photos are hosted on photo servers like Flickr.com, which only allows its free members a maximum of 20megs of bandwidth and space usage per month. Most free photo hosting services only allow its users a limited amount of bandwidth usage.

milkphish said...

typo: i mean blogger, not blooger LOL :) i'm so sleepy that intended to hit the 'preview' button, but clicked the 'publish' instead.

Air Milikay said...

milkphish - about bandwidth and blogs - you got it right there, well said

bonjovi - of course bandwidth is important specially if one has a popular site or sites. you know mny clicks. :)

teach sol - ? does it mean i can't post no more until you have a Q for me. He he he.

bing aka juliet said...

once wrote an article on plagiarism but it was more focused on those who claim that they are being plagiarized even if they were not.

you can find it here:

i was one of the audience also who have seen when one of milkphish's article was plagiarized.


EVERYBODY, para di tayo matulad kay K2BU na ma-charge with plagiarism, "Since we may not distinguish between deliberate and accidental plagiarism, the heart of avoiding plagiarism is to make sure you give credit where it is due. This may be credit for something somebody said, wrote, emailed, drew, or implied." Right?

Patrice said...

Bel: Salamat sa iyong explanasyon. Natumpak mo! May pagka taklesa din kasi ako. Pasensya na sa mga nasagasaan pero hindi iyun ang intentsyon ko. Sabi ko nga, it was a stated as a thought. Haha, kahit sa text nga nakaka mislead di ba? Eto pa kayang internet?
Pasensya na, nasira computer ko eh. Nagreformat ako and nagreinstall ng programs. kamutikan na akong mabaliw :P

Patrice said...

Milkphish: Didn't know that about technorati! Thanks! Learned something :)


Oh ok, yun pala yon! hahaha...di ko malaman kung anong pino-point-out ni Vonjobi dun, tama ka J.Angelo, may pagka-dyslexic nga ang computer ko (di ako ha, hehehe), TECHNORATI pala hindi TECHNOCRATI...bwahahaha, may bago na naman akong natutunan dito. Salamat sa corrections!

rvdphil said...

SORRY.... Im the person behind k2bu and it is not my intention to harm any people.... Sorry for that matter.. I can't sleep for many nights thinking for what I've done... Im just a 17-year old lad and it is my first time to create a blog. IM SO SORRY.


RVDPHIL/ BLAKE/ RAP ZAIKER, we can see your sincerity in your apology. There's no reason to stop writing, maybe you can start anew. My entry and all the readers were commenting on plagiarism (the act), not you (the person). Keep writing, you're always welcome in the blogging community, your thoughts are as valuable as anybody else. I created several blogs too (still has a pending account at i.ph nga eh) before I came up with my Teacher Sol blog. I've been blogging for several months now but I still haven't mastered the craft. Let's leave it to the tech savvies. I'm sure maraming ring natuto sa nangyari, that is to cite the original authors. Tinamaan rin ako dyan, di ko naman dati ginagawa yan, pero ngayon parati ko nang gagawin. Please don't kill the writer in you. Keep blogging. You're welcome to post in my blog (with link to your new blog ha *wink*).

Anonymous said...

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