Friday, December 21, 2007

Our Filipino Family Christmas Tradition

There's no place like home, especially during Christmas.

True. It’s winter and cold. But Christmas is different here in the US. I miss the warm Christmas back home.In the Philippines, Christmas is the longest and most celebrated holiday.

Christmas is very quiet here in DC. It is deafening. I miss the carolers back home. Our Christmas in my country is not complete without music, and the season is celebrated by Filipinos through caroling. In every neighborhood, a group of kids would form together as amateur carolers and visit houses every night. Rae would gladly give them candies or as reward for singing Christmas songs. They even sang out of tune but that was ok. They were creative in using tin cans, plastic containers, and bamboos as their musical instruments. Now I miss the pleasing noise that these carolers made!

The memory of Filipino Christmas – the family togetherness, the feasting, the gift-giving, the birth of the Christ Child that gives it all meaning – will linger in our hearts every Christmas time forever. COMPLETE ENTRY HERE

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