Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I NEED TO NEED...click here

* This poem is a collaborative poem that I wrote with my colleagues during the DC Area Writing Project (DCAWP) Summer Institute '04. The other day I got a forwarded E-NEWS message from the director of the DCAWP which read: 3.Maria Angala has accepted an invitation to become the DCAWP Technical Liaison. She will represent DCAWP at the NWP Convention in Indianapolis - expenses paid! So, finally, they made it official! The DCAWP Summer Institute at Howard University last summer changed my life. I still can't believe that I am now a Teacher Consultant! I never thought that it can happen to a new teacher who's been in this country for less than a year. I was the second new teacher recognized as a Teacher Consultant in the 10 year history of DCAWP, the first is an African American Teacher who's now on her way to teach in Japan (from the E-news). Now they made me the new Technology Liaison, and I will be representing this professional organization at the NWP National Convention in November. Hard work and determination really pays off!

I need to conquer all obstacles on my way
I need my wishes to be fulfilled...

I need to do amazing things in life
And push myself to move forward...

I need my dreams to be realized
I need more time to work really hard...

I need to quench my thirst for knowledge
I need to own my world of ideas...

I need not to not need
I need to need.

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