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A Box of Books for Christmas

The goal of this project:

1. To provide additional books & resources to school libraries in a small barrio in Camarines Norte, Philippines.
2. To impress on our students and community members the importance of books and literacy.
3. To promote intercultural understanding and collaboration among the participating students and community members.

Curriculum Standard: Active Citizenship in the 21st Century

All students and community participants will acquire the skills needed to be active, informed citizens who value diversity and promote cultural understanding by working collaboratively to address challenges that are inherent in living in an interconnected world.


This project was initiated by my aunt who started a traditional outreach program to the poor children in small barrios in the Philippines every Christmas. Our family discussed about expanding the project to promoting books and literacy among the children by providing additional books and resources to school libraries in the barrios in Camarines Norte. Jefferson Middle School students and community members has donated 10 boxes of books last Christmas 2010 and in the Spring 2011 which helped in this effort.

1. You can help in this effort by sponsoring at least a box of books:

2. Only checks will be accepted; please have it payable to Forex (FedEx is a lot more expensive).

3. Please mail your check to: c/o Maria Angala, Jefferson MS, 801 7th Street SW Washington DC 20024. You will receive your receipt in the mail and the tracking number for the box that you sponsored.
4. You can keep track of your box at this website:  using your tracking number.

5. It usually takes 30 days for the box to get to the recipient. A photo will me mailed to you once the box is received. Your mission is accomplished!

Please email:  if you want to help!

UPDATE: Jefferson MS students send boxes of books to the Philippines

NEXT STEP: "Spring Cleaning Book Drive". We want to invite more schools and community members to get involved and participate in our outreach program to start a library in our adopted barrio in the Philippines. We need your help.

CALL TO ACTION: This project is simply designed so that it would be easy for a migrant teacher to replicate. Please do the same and encourage other migrant teachers to give back to our country. Maraming Salamat po!!

Help Advocate for Green Classrooms in DCPS!!

Colleagues, let us explore some ways on how to make our classrooms environmentally friendly. With the economic downturn and budget squeeze affecting our jobs, I see that this is just one of the answers to this problem.
As teachers, it is important not only to teach our students about the environment but also to conserve our natural resources. It is imperative that we set as a role model to our students of how to respect our environment. In this digital age, we can make use of the technology that is now bombarding our digital natives (the students that we teach), it is time for us to become digital immigrants. How?

Here's how Broward County is having a paperless classroom (been trying it in my room, it works for my students! Works wonders for me!)...


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