Monday, April 16, 2007

National Board Certification process completed!

MY NATIONAL BOARD CERTIFICATION CANDIDACY is the most rewarding professional development experience for me. I learned so much about the legal issues, the standards and best practices in special education. I was able to reflect and look at my teaching in a different way aligning it to the standards set for an accomplished special education teacher. I finished the NBC process today, after one whole year of preparation and hardwork, and that is an accomplishment!

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    crisma said...

    Hi Marisol!

    As promised, I read your entries on your NBC process... and I learned that indeed you are a teacher always on a journey of striving for excellence, as "good enough isn't good enough."

    We teachers here in the Philippines have much to learn from your experiences there, more so because your objective is not only to become an effective teacher (motivated by inputs as well as outputs) but to be the best in your field. You're right, tough people do survive... and you are one of the toughest that I have known. 'wink' Iba ka talaga...

    To all of us at PTN :I highly recommend reading this and learning from this experience ...
    Marisol, you walked us through your untiring journey.... and just like Teacher Sim in the USA Today article "What makes a teacher effective?". .. when asked how she managed to handle the increase in class size in her first grade class... she just said the most beautiful statement... " I guess you just have to open your arms a little wider."

    Talagang 'teachers teaching teachers' ang objective nitong sharing mo, right?
    God bless, exhale now... breathe deeply and wait for the joy of your reward.


    ms.angala said...

    Thanks for you kind words Crisma. My intent for chronicling my journey through the National Board Certification process is to guide the Filipino teachers who are also aiming to take this prestigious teacher certification here in the US. Do you know of Filipino teachers who already passed this national certification? If so please let me know so I can write an entry about them. We need to let the Filipino teachers know that is is very feasible for us to successfully complete this certification. Lakasan lang ng loob yan! I am guiding you through the process step by step...

    Promethean Planet


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