Tuesday, January 30, 2007

NBPTS Candidate

I found this while browsing through the archives of the NBPTS Exceptional Needs Specialist listserv dated January 2000. How very true! I found it funny, I know other candidates can also relate to this. Thanks Yonna, I hope it's ok for me to share this here in my blog.

You know you are an NBPTS candidate when:

- Your idea of a great weekend is one on which you only spend 10 hours working on your portfolio.
- The homepage on your internet browser is set to www.nbpts.org
- You only visit the mall so that you can quickly run into Radio Shack to ask how to improve the sound quality on your camcorder.
- You are invited to a neighbor's cocktail party and written under the RSVP are the words "Please do not bring samples of student work, parent release forms or that green and purple box." (it's a blue box now)
- Your kids ask if they can watch a video on Friday and you are disappointed to learn that they want to RENT a video, not watch one of your 15 classroom VHS tapes (or CDs).
- Colleagues are dreaming about their Spring Break Vacation and you are dreaming about ways to document your outreach to parents and communities.
- You have your spouse prepare a map of the fastest route to the Post Office--the one that is open to midnight.
- Your idea of a shopping spree is going to Staples for printer cartridges, paperclips, and the best quality copy paper.
- You hide extra copies of the finished sections in a variety of places just incase of natural disaster--under the bed, at school, in the safe deposit box, at the neighbor's house, in a colleague's classroom, etc.
- Your family starts to reminisce about the good ol' days when for dinner you would at least heat up leftovers in the microwave.
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Emmet Rosenfeld said...

Hi- Good list, and a good list of Entry Four possibles to choose from. Another writing project person! Thanks also for checking out/commenting on Certifiable.
Good luck. March 31st approaches...

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