Sunday, September 02, 2007

Autism in the Movies

This list contains only movies which were released in the cinemas, and all have been subsequently released on videocassette. There have been numerous made-for-television movies as well as television shows with an autistic character, but there are too many of these to list. Additionally, most of these are not available on videocassette.

Most of the actors/actresses in the movies do a reasonable job of portraying a person with autism. However, the majority do not provide an accurate description of the underlying cause of autism and may, in fact, label a person as autistic who, given the circumstances presented, may not be.

If you are aware of any other movies not included on the list, please let me know!

The Boy Who Could Fly
Mercury Rising
Rain Man
House of Cards
Change of Habit
Being There
Down in the Delta
Forrest Gump
Relative Fear
Silent Fall
What's Eating Gilbert Grapes
When the Bough Breaks
The Wizard


Anonymous said...

"Miracle Run" is a wonderful movie that I've viewed on Lifetime...but so far have been unable to purchase. It is about twin boys who have autism. A true story.

Ash said...

Radio, I Am Sam, The Eighth Day, and Radio could be others. I haven't seen them but they were on someone's list similar to yours. I hear The Eighth Day is about someone with Downs Syndrome, but I'm not sure what disability the others address.

Thanks for your list ;)

Ash said...

...And there's also Molly, Mozart in the Whale, Autism: The Musical, Snow Cake, Family Pictures and Nell...

Ash said...

Typo: Mozart and the Whale

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