Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Appeal To Bloggers

EVERYONE, let us all observe blogging etiquette and avoid creating distrust and friction among each other. We speak of making a difference in the world. This is a chance, and I believe everyone of us in our hearts is hoping to do that.

TO THE SPAMMERS in the blogosphere, please refrain from using my name in posting to someone else's blogs.

If we do not flee from humiliation, if we stand firm in what we stand for, if we work together to create a camaraderie among bloggers, the blogosphere will be a better place for all of us.

I was warned about this and I saw warnings too in other bloggers' entries. Indeed, it's true, it has happened to me now. It breaks my heart to see this happening to the Pinoy blogging community. But I will go on writing because it's not just a past time for me, it's in my heart. I will carry on. As I have always believed "this too shall pass".



tita bambit said...

Hi Sol! Hay Sol... would that we were all calm enough to take incidents like this with a grain of salt. It's happened before to other people and it will keep on happening as long as there are people who delight in wreaking havoc with other people's lives, whether they be in real life or here in the blogosphere.

It would be imprudent for anyone to point fingers, and pleas for calmness and sobriety may fall on deaf ears. As long as there are people who feel they can benefit (psychologically, financially, topakability) from the chaos they cause, there will always be spammers, there will always be pretenders, there will always be identity theft.

It's up to us to be sober, to think clearly and to know and understand our own motives for blogging.

Malinis ang konsiyensiya mo, sol. Mag safeguard tayong lahat. :)

Mec said...

hi :)

am sure you'll agree that these are trying times for us bloggers...

and i really wish there is some way we can pinpoint who the real culprit is...

more and more people are becoming victims...and more and more blogs are becoming affected... i can't even begin to imagine who would want to start a blog-war of sorts... what would be the point... and how suddenly some bloggers cannot live and let live...

still, am hoping for calmness and grace... and maybe more tolerance... from you (because you're suddenly a victim), your friends (who must love and suport you), from us (because the same thing happened to our friend too) and from all the other silent observers of this... drama...

bing said...

hi sol... i hope everything will be fine sa yo despite the things that is happening. it is very nice of you to be standing for me and for the others. i did not intend this to happen. i just wrote my observations... i have no idea nga kung sinu-sino ang tinatamaan. pero dahil me nagrereact, hindi lang isa ang tinatamaan.

please refrain from making replies sa kanila. mas gusto nila yan, e. i am becoming affected sa nare-receive mo at ng iba dahil sa post ko. i am not affected in anyway sa mga sinasabi nila against me but sa mga sinasabi nila sa yo at sa iba because of me.

GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS... and have a good week ahead despite this drama.

J. Angelo Racoma said...

hold fast to your principles! (wait, didn't i write this elsewhere already).

spammers come and go. spoofers come and go. you'll still be there till the end.

people who know you would know your style of writing, and there are also other safeguards against falling into the trap of spammers/spoofers.

(should we now all ditch our tagboards? not yet, methinks.)

wag mong pansinin yan. sasakit lang ulo mo. let them make fools of themselves. let's stick to the main issue/s at hand. we're doing something about it na rin, diba? :)


Punzi said...

Hang in there!

Umalis lang ako sandali to work, may nangyari na pala.

Kantahin mo na lang yung song sa last blog ko...at maaliw ka naman ng konti...


TITA BAMBIT, di ako nakatulog! sobrang bothered ako. pero ngayong gabi lang yan, TITA BAMBIT, matutulog ako ng mahimbing mamya pagkagaling ko sa work. Thank you, I'll try to remain calm amidst crsis.

MEC, hi! whoever did that hideous thing is very successful in disgracing my name. walang patawad ang atake ng mga readers sa akin, except for one who is very rational, and I thanked him for that. but I'm still in my right mind and I would never attempt that kind of suicide.


BING, it's not you Bing, your piece may have sparked all these but it's not about you Bing. It's about a crisis in the blogosphere that only very few are aware. I know the motivation of this identity theft, as I said, because I aired a lot of my thoughts regarding the issue you raised, I am expecting this retaliation. But I didn't prepare myself emotionally, but "this too shall pass". I have few friends who are popular bloggers and I swear this issue won't be the cause of our rift. Let's be vigilant, and let's not let this blogger be successful in gaining glory. I read the recent reply to your manifesto, I wonder who could write as eloquent and imposing as that? Hala nabalik tayo ulit sa manifesto mo.


J.ANGELO, thanks for your comforting words din. Iniisa-isa ang nagko-comment sa mga ganitong postings, baka ikaw na ang kasunod...hehehe. My tracker said the traffic yesterday was extraordinarily up, and when I checked who came to my site for the day, I was surprised to see a lot came from THAT SITE. I was sooo SHOCKED when I read what the spammer wrote and how the readers reacted to it. Thanks much to my tracker who showed me the way. Di ao napapadpad madalas dun kasi I stay away from politics eh.

PUNZI, attorney, ako naman ang in crisis your honor. salamat at naipagtatanggol mo rin ako. Read Bing's Manifesto baka alam mo kung sino ang sumulat nung latest entry with the way it was written.


Sorry, that post was unintentional and the better side of me told me to delete it.

TO THE SPAMMER, very clever of you too to use my e-mail addy but your IP Address points out that THAT COMMENT didn't come from the US hence never from me. Am I clear, you honor?

J. Angelo Racoma said...

Teacher Sol,

Baka ako na nga ang sunod. =)


jove said...

sol... sorry toxic ang coverage day ko. di ko nga napanuod ang AI ng live.

something happened pala?

didn't get to read it... na-delete mo na pala.

well. it is not as if, di natin na predict na that thing will be done matapos ang lahat.

well... wala naman naniwala right?

let us all just blog... and talk thru email kung kailangan hehehe.

hey jangelo... doesn't this remind you of that tuhog scenes sa Star Wars 3... nung hinahanting isa isa ang mga jedi?



J. ANGELO, pag nangyari yan sa yo, ang masasabi namin sa spammer, "lumang tugtugin na yan, di na bebenta".

JOVE, Sana nga walang naniwala, my name was so disgraced talaga, pati pakikipagkaibigan ko sa mga bloggers naging issue na. napanood ko ang "Revenge of the Sith", grabe ang dark force, di nakapiyok ang mga Jedi, kawawa talaga...pano kung saan-saan napadpad at alone and helpless sila sa gitna ng mga alipores. Tuhog talaga!

Anonymous said...

Hey Teacher Sol,

I am sorry to hear you have been a victim of spammers. Kaya medyo surprise ako na some of you ( bloggers) are giving so personal information in the web. We have lots of really bad people out there. Identity theft is one of the rising crime. Hope you'd be careful of personal stuff - even of family members. Also, some cases of break-in would be your mail (from the postman) so lock your mailbox. Paranoid ako pag dating sa identity - kaya I am hiding under anonymous. Pero, those hackers are smart enough to get your IP address ( this spells disaster).


ANONYMOUS, sana kung lahat ng anonymous commenters kapareho mo na very insightful, ok lang na paulit-ulit silang mag post sa blogs. Sobrang tama ka, ang tigas din ng ulo ko eh. Bat kasi mga personal info ko ibinabalandra ko dito sa internet. Pati tuloy email addy ko nagamit nung spammer, pero ang mali lang nya, di ko ginagamit yun sa blogging...hehehe. Buking din sya sa IP address, Manila IP address ang gamit nya di naman dito galing sa US yung IP addy. Siguro naman di pa kaya ng powers nya to get the IP addresses here in the U.S., dalawa ang servers na gamit ko. Palit-palit yan. Hay naku, doble ingat na ako. Pati anak ko mag-aaral na ng self-defense. Baka sa susunod may stalker na ako...at killer pa. Salamat, ANONYMOUS!

Renee said...

Hi Marisol! I'm curious as to what happened. From what I gather in these comments, that person who posted anonymously used your e-mail address as a contact address?

Sayang, mukhang matalino at may pinag-aralan pa naman ang taong 'yon, and she DID have some valid points. But her comment just reeked of condescencion, I was put off by the negativity of it all.

If she would've only taken time to choose her words with care, being constructive instead of offensive, she wouldn't have needed to hide her identity.

But I guess she was a coward who wanted to be heard and insisted on having the last word.

Now THAT is arrogance.

Renee said...

Thanks for taking time to explain your side of the story. I guess I was mistaken in my assumptions. I didn't realize there were so many other sites involved.


RENEE, yep. I guess we just have to be rational in dealing with these things, maybe everyone has to review blogging etiquette 101 :D, right? But like you, negativity turns me off. Like I said, I am so disappointed with some bloggers I look up to. You said it very well, because of being offensive rather than constructive. It's so sad but true, I'm a victim of Pinoy crab mentality in the Pinoy blogging community. Can it still be resolved? I don't know. Why I went out of the Philippines? Now you know.

milkphish said...

anong nangyari marisol? i'm so clueless.

i'm in phoenix, arizona right now nanghihiram lang ng computer --- haven't found a hotspot yet.

anyway, bloggers can pinpoint and identify these spoofers via their ip addresses --- maybe you and the others should post their ip addresses on your blogs to identify them to others.

btw, spammers are people who annoyingly populate your blog comment system and email with links to porn, pharmaceuticals, gambling or illegal software stuff. spoofers are the people who "spoof" or forge your identity.


MILKPHISH, I will email you the details, I have a clue of who did the identity theft and I am just soooo disappointed with the person. The IP address was 203, which is from Manila, not from the province, not from the U.S. There are many bloggers and sites involved, but if one uses common sense and rational mind (not BLIND OBEDIENCE) to connect the events, one will know who the culprit is.

Anyways, I'm back to regular blogging now. I was just really bothered for a couple of days, and I'm so thankful that there are people like you who emphatize with me. Hopefully things will be better now. Enjoy your vacation!

schatzli said...

oh dear.. why be calm ok keep your honesty! Bambit is right.. the more interesting your blog gets the more attention you get.

Breath easy.. dont let this issue get you.


SHA, ...breathe in...breathe out...haaayyy! Napa-paranoid ako. Pati new friendly bloggers in my site nami-miss interpret ko...This is sooo wrong, SHA, and you're right: " Breath easy.. dont let this issue get you"...I will try to do that.

J. Angelo Racoma said...

@Jove, Teacher Sol:

Pano, magtatago na ba tayo sa ibang planeta? Hala, wag kalimutan ang light sabre ha!



Ano?! Magpapa-exile ba tayo? Hindi no! Bakit pa tinagurian ka na BLOG ADDICT...blog pa rin tayo!

Sam said...

Hi Sol, yes, the correct thing for us to do right now is to be calm. Huwag kang pa-apekto. Though I felt really bad when I read the negative comments hurled against your name. Bad, as in gusto kung mag-unload ng 11 rds ng Taurus Millineum sa laptop ko!! I'm taking it personal, buti na lang andyan si tita bambit mo :)Ang masaklap pa when they found out later na ginamit lang pala pangalan mo, wala ni isa ang nagpost man lang ng apology sa iyo!Ganyang klaseng mga animal ang kasagupa natin sa araw-araw sa blog!!



They know in their hearts who they are who disgraced a peace-loving person like me, too bad they posted their links there so now we know who are those irrational persons. And whoever "SPOOFED" (thanks for the correction milkphish) my name knows that we are not easy to manipulate like those people.

Let's be vigilant. The strong act in spite of the fear. The weak cower because of the fear. The coward dies a thousand deaths. And Arrogance breeds doubt and hesitation that not only weaken but can be dangerous.

lws said...

alam mo maam' dati nung nasa bravenet ako may spammer na kapal muks talaga halos isang buwan siya nag spam ng "viagra di naman ako gumagamit nun!saka yung poker!inis na inis ako dami niyang spam until noong gumawa ako ng entry tittle nun "my bikini pic"(na delete din yung entry dahil lumipat ako blogspot ng jan.26 this yr)tumigil na siya.nakakatuwa din minsan yang mmga spammer eh masyadong papansin.

hayaan mo lan sila basta wagkang papaapekto at wag kang gagamit ng brand nila...cguro naman maam di ka nagpo-poker or viagra di ba,kaya "hakuna mata" no worries magsasawa din talaga yang mga yan.

Pis on earth and cheers:)

btw,email ko sa'yo next wk thursday yung questions ko kasi featured kita sa 3 blogs ko sa blogspot..may nakakatawang tanong dun.

eto ang eksample na serious q: ano ang pilisopiya mo pagdating sa luv?

sino si teacher sol sa pamilya?at sa eskwelahan?

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