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NATIONAL BOARD CERTIFICATION: Entry 3 Instructional Approach

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Continuation of Entry 3: Enhancing Social Development

C’s IEP suggests that for her long term goal she will demonstrate at least one year’s improvement with her peer ...

To address these learning goals for C and to facilitate her behavior, I have divided my social development strategies into four broad categories...

This social development program facilitates C’s participation in group settings in many ways...

I also reinforce my students in the classroom who appropriately interact with C...

Everyone connected to C in the school, at home, and in the community is very supportive of her...

The instructional approach I use for C is ...

I got this from the handout from one of our NBC prep classes:
Helpful words for description:

estimate / evaluate / examine / exhibit / expand / explain / find / formulate / gather / generate / identify / interpret / itemize / justify / label / list / listen / locate / make / match / measure / mix / multiply / name / operate / organize / outline / participate / perform / plan / plot / prepare / present / read / record / research / respond / review / role play / select / sort / speak / specify / spell / state / subtract / summarize / teach / utilize / use / weigh / write

And for Entry 3: Enhancing Social Development, I found this great resource:

I just feel bad that I bought them both at Borders $15.00 more expensive because I was so excited and I couldn't let it go off my possession. I checked and found that books are really way cheaper at So here colleagues, I am giving this away for you.

Enhancing Social Development: Entry 3 (Reflection)
Enhancing Social Development: Entry 3 (Video Analysis)
Enhancing Social Development: Entry 3 (Instructional Approach)
Enhancing Social Development: Entry 3 (Profile)
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