Tuesday, December 26, 2006


It is not easy to win the trust of parents and guardians and to get them as partners in the education of their child. Most parents in my school resist the invitation of teamwork that we teachers offer them during back-to-school nights and parent-teacher conferences. But I am successful in doing this now, "hardwork pays off".

As a recommendation to the National Board Certification, a parent of my student writes:

" As the parent of [one of her students], I am supporting Ms. Angala in all her endeavors concerning her professional interests as a teacher of Jefferson Junior High School. I have had the priviledge to be able to sit and observe her Special education class, participated in a home-visit or two since the beginning of the school year 2006. I admire the soft skills she demonstrates in the teaching and disciplining of her students, the personal attention she is able to give each student and her tactful and well thought-out presentations of classroom agendas and assignments, grading systems, awards and down time on the computers.

[My daughter] attends Behavioral Therapy at Children's Hospital center and is right on task because of her being taught at Jefferson by Ms. Angala. She comes home from school with homework and wanting to read; she is excited about going to the library and checking out books, etc. All this just started since she's been in Ms. Angala's class. Ms. Angala is greatly appreciated by my daughter and she's inspired by her to reach her highest potential.

After being in the class observing, as a parent, for the first month I gained a great appreciation of this teacher, realizing that these special needs children need an innovative teacher like Ms. Angala - one abreast with technology needed to keep them focused and attentive, by commending them constantly giving them the praise they deserve when they have done well making them feel they have made their accomplished tasks properly.

I personally feel that Ms. Angala is responding to the needs of her class proficiently and to the best she can by placement of children reassembling her class, structure, and the way she deals with the troubled children on a daily basis. Her documenting events, and monitoring the troubled children as their behaviors warrant taking her time and giving them time to adjust before turning to drastic measures.

My thoughts of Ms. Angala are that she is a responsible and dedicated teacher to my daughter and her classmates. I am glad to have her as my child's 7th grade teacher. I strongly recommend her to the National Board Certification.

Sincerely yours,

Ms. D. E. B.

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