Friday, February 02, 2007

NATIONAL BOARD CERTIFICATION: Special Education Coordinator's Recommendation

Maria Lourdes Angala has served as a Special Education teacher at JJHS under my suprvision for four years. Her impact upon students with disabilities has been significant.

Ms. Angala brings with her extensive academic experience which translate to a classroom environment that fosters student achievement and academic progress. Understandably, the challenges confronting special education teachers require that the teacher modify curriculum and develop alternative methods to assess skills mastery. Ms. Angala's classroom reflects the instructional methodologies implemented through creative and innovative strategies.

Ms. Angala encourages students to discover the "real life" implications of the curriculum. Her modified curriculum integrates the arts, reading, and language to support student learning and achievement. Her creativity is exampled by student works which include self-portraits created with everyday objects such as buttons, ribbons, feathers and other materials, poetry journals.

Additionally, Ms. Angala facilitates student directed activities such as creating personal story lines. Students create and illustrate the story line using a variety of media. Throughout the story line, which eventually relates the student's personal history, the rules of English are emphasized. This particular activity provides instruction and understanding of the content area for all srtudents in a manner that students sanction as fun and interesting.

Ms. Angala routinely draws upon resources not only within the local school setting but alternative environments as well. Her skills are mastered again and again as develops instructional methodologies and presentation to the manner in which all students learn.

I highly recommend and support Ms. Angala in her request to apply to The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS).

Special Education Coordinator
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ascotter said...

How did the students respond to these activities? Did they seem intrested?

ms.angala said...

They are highly engaged everytime I do this in class!

laryf0606 said...

While surfing for other information, I fumbled onto this site. I had no intention of reading the article until I saw the two comments. At that point I wanted to know what they were discussing. I must say Ms. Angala sounds very creative, talented, and deserving of the distinction for which she is being recommended.

ascotter said...

I really like the way she had the kids connect to their real world experiences.

Anonymous said...

My kids love these kinds of activities.

ascotter said...

The students I have worked with really become enthused when they are involved in hands-on activities.

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