Sunday, January 14, 2007

National Board Certification Workbook

For those planning to take the National Board Certification in the near future, here's a workbook that you can use that I wish I've discovered before I began this rigorous process just to have an idea of the amount of work that I will be doing:

Hard Work Rewarded
Studying the National Board standards and applying them in the classroom will be an extremely strenuous professional development activity. The National Board was not established to create better teachers but to recognize outstanding teaching.
The rewards are great! National Board certified teachers expand their professional credentials and become part of an elite group of professionals who promote quality teaching. They are able to network with other NBCTs from across the country and exchange ideas about affecting school reform. As a member, you will receive state and national recognition. Some states accept NBCT credentials as licensing when transferring to another state. Unlimited opportunities exist to mentor others and achieve personal growth as a teacher.
The fee is $2,300 to apply for certification. Many states will assist teachers with the fee or reimburse the cost after a candidate achieves certification. Some states also provide financial rewards. To find out about your state's benefits, check the National Board Web site at
Some tips for being a successful candidate:

- Work as an assessor first. It gives great insight into the process. Assessor sites and dates are also listed on the Web site.
- Form a workgroup with other career and technical education teachers. Ask your state education agency or state ACTE association to sponsor it and help find a qualified leader. Avoid working with other disciplines. Their entries may be completely different.
- Meet regularly with your group and stick to deadlines.
- Have as many people as possible read your work. Ask for input from career tech certified teachers in your state. They love to share their experiences with candidates.
- Assessors are looking for evidence, so be specific in your writing.
- Include brightly colored photos of your students actively involved in each project.
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teacher sol, just wanna let you know im just around the corner. im staying here at Baltimore MD and I go to work at Columbia. hope to meet up with you soon!

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