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ENTRY 2: (T. B.) Analysis of Video Recording
Continuation of Entry 2: Fostering Communications Development

I prepared the students and gave them a knowledge basis for...
As a result the students made a self to text connection.
Because students chose their own activities, they participated in the planning of their own learning experiences.
As a result, students applied their knowledge and ideas to experience success regardless of their individual stage of development.
Therefore the opportunity arose for students to record concepts learned during the discussion.
Consequently, my students and I displayed mutually open communication.
I got this from the handout given during one of our NBC preparation classes:
Analysis Questions Consider the following questions when viewing your videotape: (more tips)

1. What is the extent of classroom involvement (e.g. are the same students doing all the talking)?
2. Are the students engaged in the lesson? How can you tell? What do students’ facial expressions and body language tell you about your instruction?
3. What kinds of questions do you ask? Can all questions be answered with a single word? How long do you wait for responses? Do you ask students to explain and /or defend a particular answer or approach? Do you ask students to compare or evaluate alternative interpretations or strategies?
4. Were there any opportunities for students to ask questions? How would you categorize the students’ questions (e.g., did they indicate confusion and a need for clarification or understanding and extension?)
5. What roles (e.g. expert, facilitator, co-learner) did you play in the videotape? Was each role appropriate for the situation?
6. What kinds of tasks di d you ask students to do? Did you capitalize on their previous knowledge and experiences?
7. What instructional opportunities did you take advantage of (teachable moments) and why?
8. What instructional opportunitites did you not take advantage of and why?
9. What evidence did you see of the students taking intellectual risks? Does the class look safe as an environment for getting something wrong? Do students talk to each other as well as to you?
10. Do you push students to take risks, to speculate, to offer conjectures about possible approaches, strategies, and interpretations?
11. Were the learning gaols for the lesson achieved? Did you adjust the lesson so your goals could be achieved by every student? What is the evidence for your answers, both in the videotapea and from other sources?
12. Explain how your design and execution of this lesson affected the achievement of your instructional goals. (Your response might include -- but is not limited to -- such things as the anticipation and handling of student misconceptions, the unexpected questions from studentsw, the unanticipated opportunity for learning that you captured, or your planned strategy and its outcomes in the lesson.)
Helpful Words for Analysis
appreciate / be acquainted with / assess / assist /assume
interested in / aware of / believe / discuss / communicate
comprehend / coordinate / consider / engage / establish

The best book for this portfolio entry is Visual Strategies for Improving Communication : Practical Supports for School & Home by Linda A. Hodgdon. This bestseller is the most comprehensive book to explain the use of visual strategies to improve communication for students with autism spectrum disorders and other students who experience moderate to severe communication impairments. It is full of easy to use techniques and strategies that will help these students participate more effectively in social interactions and life routines. I didn't buy this book anymore, I browsed through it at Barnes and Nobles and got a lot of ideas that I used for my featured student. This is one of my highest scored portfolio entries.
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