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NATIONAL BOARD CERTIFICATION: Entry 2: Fostering Communications Development

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I just finished redoing the video for this. The last video focused in numeracy, not literacy. I thought I better revise the whole Entry 2 now than getting a bad score and repeating all over again next year. The new video came out A LOT better and my students worked with me too!

- Written Commentary (13 pages) that provides a context for my instructional choices and describes, analizes, and reflects on how I design and implement meaningful instruction in communication and literacy.

- Student Profile (3 pages)
- Instructional Approach (3 pages)
- Analysis of video recording (3 pages)
- Reflection (4 pages)

- One video recording (15 minutes) that shows me guiding the learning in the instruction that I have designed for the student, either in an individual or group context.

here some bits and pieces of my write up:


I am presently teaching Written Expressions (9 students), Reading (12 students), and Math (10 students) to a self contained class diagnosed with Emotional Disturbance (ED), Learning Disability (LD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) and/or Mental Retardation (MR).

My class curriculum integrates technology and arts with academic subjects...
My featured student, T is a 13-year old child ...
T’s fluency with academic ...
Working with T since the beginning of the school year, I have observed that one reason she is struggling is because...


The best book for this portfolio entry is Visual Strategies for Improving Communication : Practical Supports for School & Home by Linda A. Hodgdon. This bestseller is the most comprehensive book to explain the use of visual strategies to improve communication for students with autism spectrum disorders and other students who experience moderate to severe communication impairments. It is full of easy to use techniques and strategies that will help these students participate more effectively in social interactions and life routines. I didn't buy this book anymore, I browsed through it at Barnes and Nobles and got a lot of ideas that I used for my featured student. This is one of my highest scored portfolio entries.

Fostering Communications Development: Entry 2 (Reflections)
Fostering Communications Development: Entry 2 (Video Analysis)
Fostering Communications Development: Entry 2 (Instructional Approach)
Fostering Communications Development: Entry 2 (Profile)
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