Sunday, February 04, 2007

Classroom Environment

I just finished the sketch of the physical layout of my classroom for my National Board Certification Entries 2 & 3. This sketch will provide assessors with a context for the video since the camera cannot capture the whole instruction area at once.

Also, Zarah G. tagged me for this meme.

I am presently teaching Written Expressions (9 students), Reading (12 students), and Math (10 students) to a self contained class diagnosed with Emotional Disturbance (ED), Learning Disability (LD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) and/or Mental Retardation (MR). Except for 1 Arabic student who is also an ELL student, my students are African Americans and the language of instruction is their native language: English.

These groups of students in my self-contained class are 2-4 grade levels behind their current 7th grade placement. They are very often restless and hyperactive. I alone provide individualized assistance to my students. During their homeroom, these students are mainstreamed with their general education peers in their Homeroom, Arts, Physical Education and Computer classes.

My class curriculum integrates technology and arts to academic subjects: Reading, Written Expressions and Math. My students are seated in a way that facilitates group or pair work. Essential vocabulary words are displayed on a word wall. Student friendly standards and rubrics are also posted and used by students to judge their work. My classroom is small, approximately 150 x 150 square feet. But I try my best to provide the necessities and accommodations that my students need to be successful in my class.

There is a small library with reference books, magazines and art books where they go during downtime. Student exemplary works are displayed; classroom rules and procedures on board, and set-up are conducive to learning. I use multi-media in my teaching - computers, TV VHS, overhead and LCD projectors are my instructional tools. Soft Classical music is most often played in the background during work time.

It's your turn. What's in your office? How does it look like inside and out? I'm tagging Emmett, Kevin, Tito Rolly, Rox, Zarelle.


Kevin said...

I just completed my classroom layout and continued the tag onward.

zarah_g said...

wow! with autentic classroom activities pa!

Zarelle said...

posted my classroom photos in my blog

Anonymous said...

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