Monday, April 16, 2007

National Board Certification Assessment Center, the final ordeal

I just completed the National Board Certification process today, finishing the 2nd part of the NBC which is the Assessment Center. Despite the very strong gusty wind this morning, I drove to Howard University Student Resource Center Bldg at 9:00 am. Since I came in too early, my schedule was at 11:00 am, the staff let me take the computer based exam early. I was more excited than scared, I took it as soon as I got in the testing center.

The assessment is composed of six exercises that examine the content knowledge specified in the NBPTS standards. I was given up to 30 minutes to respond to each exercise. I am so glad I took this online tutorial from the NBPTS website which was very helpful. I also reviewed these assessment exercises and retired prompts which were almost the same as the questions that I had.

Two of the exercises are path specific, encompassing the age/ development range of the path only, three of the exercises encompassing the knowledge and practice of all special educators, and one of the exercises is mixed. (Includes both generic and path specific knowledge). Exactly as what is in the NBPTS website, these are what the prompts asked me to do:

Exercise 1: Behavior Analysis and Intervention (path specific)
Teachers will analyze student behavior and construct a behavior intervention plan to further student learning.

Exercise 2: Science and Mathematics
Teachers will demonstrate their knowledge of major science and mathematics concepts. They will be presented with a student description, a topic area and a question or a set of questions asked the students has asked about that topic. The teacher will plan a learning experience for a class and then adapt / modify that learning experience for the individual student described.

Exercise 3: Social Studies and The Arts
Teachers will demontrate their knowledge of a social studies concept and their knowledge of cross-curricular integration. The teacher will be asked to discuss how the arts can be integrated into a content area of social studies to further student learning.

Exercise 4: Transition Planning (path specific)
Teachers will demonstrate their knowledge of transition planning. The teacher will analyze a student profile and discuss critical details of a transition plan. The teacher will provide appropriate recommendation for the program and supports needed to maximize the success of the transition of the student.

Exercise 5: Health/ Physical/ Leisure
Teachers will show their knowledge of health education, physical education, and leisure education. The teacher will be asked to analyze a student profile and state how the student will be affected in these areas: physial, emotional and social development. The teacher will be asked to design goals and learning activities that will provide opportunities for success and improved self-image, and also foster independence.

Exercise 6: Professional Vocabulary (both generic and path specific)
Teachers will demonstrate their knowledge of words belonging to the professional vocabulary. The teacher will be asked to define and discuss the critical details of words belonging to the professional vocabulary.
I was so excited and fulfilled after the exam. I cried right before I left the computer room in the testing center because of so much relief and fulfillment. I really hope I did well. I took my family to Outback Steak House for lunch right after.


vickey said...


This is your moment to EXHALE...... and enjoy the process you just completed....CONGRATULATIONS !!!I am scheduled to take the assessments on 6/13. I needed a breather after the entries... I went through the NBPTS assessment tutorial and the old prompts also so i am about to start studying this weekend...I also heard about the treatment planner from other candidates...and suggestions about reviewing curriculum activities from districts is recommended.Lord I haven't worked with a child between the ages of 1-15 since my own was that old... I will be heading back to Barnes & Nobles this weekend because that's where I worked at ...I became an honorary at 9:00 am when the doors open and out by 9:00pm many nights. So, rest and do some other great things with your family, they deserve our undivided attention after this process. The book signing was have great energy and fun with your students. I love that...

Take Care,


crisma said...

Hi Marisol!

Though I expressed my thoughts in an earlier e-mail, I would like to reiterate that after having settled all the big questions as well as the small ones regarding your National Board Certification process... we will surely be watching out for fireworks in November!!!

I am patiently going through your entries related to this. I have just reached as far as Parental Support... and my! that is something! I am speaking from my own experience, though in a different circumstance. Yes, support from both your colleague and parents of your students is something big! Really touches you deeply!

With prayers for your continued success,


monica roache said...

Congratulations. I am proud of ou. That is no easy task. You are now one of a few to carry this outstanding honor. Your hard work will pay off for you for many years to come.

Monica Roache
Council for Exceptional Children
Washington DC Chapter

ate elsa said...

Hi Sol,

I am now congratulating you for your sure success of your National Board Certification!

I am so proud of you. You made it!!!

Ate Elsa

dorothy egbufor said...

I am sure that you will do well. Break a leg!!!! We are cheering for you!

Dorothy Egbufor,
Director of Professional Issues
Washington Teachers' Union
Office of Professional Development &
Educational Issues
1717 K Street, NW, Suite 902
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 293-8600 - main line
(202) 293-8615 - direct line
(202) 293-8633 - fax

rhonda bartee said...

Good luck. You will do well. My prayers are with you.

Rhonda J. Bartee

rene meddaugh said...

Go Maria, We need this one! Lead the Way...

I love the Phillippines. I visited Manilla twice last year.I am planning to go again in June during the 3rd Ambassador's Tour. "Extraordinary People, Makes Extraordinary Things Happen." I am looking forward to meeting you.

Rene Meddaugh

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