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NATIONAL BOARD CERTIFICATION: Documented Accomplishments: Entry 4

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UPDATE (Nov 22, 2007): I found another book that I would recommend to my colleagues. I used this book as another reference for my Entry 4 Documented Accomplishments, this portfolio entry is one of my highest scored entries.
This book is the first manual to present clear, manageable, step-by-step practical procedures and tips on how to organize a professional portfolio to document the achievement of nationally developed standards for teachers. Key Topics: This book introduces the national teacher standards and then guides readers through the portfolio development process in a logical, sequential manner from the initial stage involving the collection of potential artifacts to the final step of constructing a Presentation Portfolio. A professional portfolio is a vehicle that will enable teachers and prospective teachers to gain a large measure of control in charting their own professional growth and then demonstrating to others in a convincing way the competence that has been achieved.
I recommend this book to all professionals working in the field of education.

This is one good thing about blogging, I am able to record my thoughts and chronicle everything that's happening to me. As the year 2006 comes to an end, I am able to review all these. I am able to see more ways to go about some things, better solutions to the problems I had, find my own route to the realization of my dreams and have a better plan of where I want to go.

Here are some of my Documented Accomplishments as I compiled them for my Entry 4 NBC portfolio:

1. To be able to publish my students' exemplary works internationally. The positive feedbacks from across the globe are a positive motivator and morale booster to my exceptional students. This class website won an award as the TeachersFirst Class Blog "for actively using a classroom blog with students to facilitate student understanding of curriculum, encourage writing as expression, and promote good writing skills" This Class Digital Anthology project also won a grant from The Washington Post Company Educational Foundation last December 19, 2006.

2. To be given the Leadership Award by the DC Area Writing Project after a year of being in the leadership team as the Technology Liaison. I designed the NetPals Project which was awarded a $3,000.00 grant by the National Writing Project last August 2006, which is centered on collaboration among teachers from different locations around the globe.

3. The CyberPals Project was a successful venture. Collaborating with a National Writing Project colleague from Western Massachussets, we received a Weblog from the National Writing project which we used for interaction between my urban students and his suburban students.

4. To be able to attend the National Writing Project Annual Conventions every year in different states/ local sites, as the Teachnology Liaison to the DC Area Writing Project. I've been sent to Indianapolis, Indiana (2004), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2005) Nashville, Tennessee (2006) aside from the advanced technology institutes in Omaha, Nebraska (2005) and Chico, California (2006) for my professional development training all paid for by the DC Area Writing Project.

5. The E-Journal for the Costa Rica Project was also a successful venture. It was a pleasure for me to create a colleagues E-Journal for her students' travel to Costa Rica. It was an accomplishment for me seeing how my colleague and her students, the parents and others from our school district were able to make connections - interactively updating each other of what's happening from their respective locations, exchanging feedbacks, photos, videos. I was able to facilitate connections in ways plain paper cannot.

6.To be one of the facilitators/ presenters during the New Teachers' Orientation in our school district twice, in August 2005 and August 2006. I shared with them my personal experiences that I know would help them to be educator leaders (not just teacher workers). I wished them the best. I got exceeds expectations and good comments for those presentations.

7. To get the involvement and collaboration of the parents of my students. Not only do I learn more about my students through home visits, but I am also communicating to the students' families that I am genuinely interested in their child. This is the key for me to get the parents to share the responsibility of teaching organizational and study skills of my students, thereby maximizing their potentials.

8. To receive full support and empowerment from the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC and to see the Pinoy Teachers Network growing in strength and number, is another accomplishment for me as the founder and the director of this organization which is aimed to improve the quality of Filipino teacher professionals in the Philippines and across the globe.

For the complete list of my SY 2005-2006 and partial list SY 2006-2007 of my accomplishments, please see this list. These accomplishments used to be just a dream to me. Who said that "Goals are dreams with dates attached".

It's time now to set my goals for 2007. Shedding off my extra 33.8% body fat is #1


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