Friday, December 29, 2006

Teacher's Union Saved Me

Pardon me for not being transparent that I never showed to people how rough it's been for me for the past few months; even my students and co-teachers never had a clue of what was going on with me.

Life isn't exactly perfect for me as a teacher. There are so much ups as it is with downs. I have triumphs and crosses to bear. Every single day I practice holding my tongue and exercising patience. I always have to keep everything in perspective. This is life. And I am still grateful for all I have.

I've never really realized how supportive The Washington Teacher's Union is to us teachers, until they came to my rescue. Mr. Nathan Saunders (the General Vice President) personally visited me in my classroom one day, to my surprise, and explained to me my situation. He was so professional and proactive, he would always return my calls assuring me that everything will be alright for me. Ms. Rachel Hicks (former teacher from our school) and Mr. Henry Collins (our area representative) both also responded to my calls and emails. Mr. Joshua Rascoe, our building representative, was always there for me following up on my case and updating me as much as possible. These are the leaders that we would like to follow, that we would like to listen for wise words of expertise. They walk the talk. They say what they mean and mean what they say. Their words match their deeds.

It is not easy to be teacher leaders, they hold the burning candle from which others can light their candles. Thank you for lighting my candle...I will pass it on.

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