Saturday, April 16, 2005


Talking about life means talking about a frustrating fact. For life is full of treachery, inequity and despair. Many indeed live in adversity because of these.

Me? I don't.

Optimistically, I consider this side of life a challenge. I believe it is in this challenge that man should be steadfast and strong. It is through this that his capabilities in life is measured.

But still, I don't forget however, that He always sends the kind of chastisement man can always endure. His voice is strength and inspiration. He speaks in the midst of loneliness and failure. We only have to listen. For it is when we listen that our heart understands.

Failure is a part of life's formation process. Accepting and facing life's challenges squarely keeps us on the go. Hence, we enjoy life more.

In order to develop our talents and potentialities and to be able to achieve our goals, we should ready ourselves with guts in undergoing trials by fire, some sufferings and heartaches. After these trials, I believe, our capacity will bloom and fluorish. Victories and defeats are part of our lives. We don't have to avoid them. We have to face them eye to eye; for success has its own rewards.

Therefore, be it happiness or sadness, triumph or defeat, luck or misfortune, heartaches and troubles, treat it as an avenue for enjoyment. Why do we have to worry when everything has a reason? Afterall, He is just around when we call for help. When we know he's there, we never have to worry.

So laugh, smile and throw your woes away. Enjoy life and you'll see, it will make you a charming one.

Now can you give me a big smile?

* I wrote this in 1989. It was published in "The Consolites" newsletter October-December 1989 issue.

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