Thursday, July 14, 2005

Harry Potter Book 6

Yep just like everyone else, I am Harry's fan.
I still remember seven years ago, in 1998, during my daughter's first birthday party. Her "ninong" gave her the 1st Book of Harry Potter as a gift (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone). My husband and I were both amused, surely we'll be waiting 8 more years before this pocketbook's pages wil be turned to be read by my daughter.
Never heard about it, I shelved it with the rest of my pocketbook collection, which will be reviewed again whenever. Then I relaxed and watched the news on TV. I was surprised. The news was about that same Harry Potter book that I just set aside in my bookshelf. I learned that more than 102 million copies of the books in a series created by British author J.K. Rowling have been printed in the USA alone. More than 270 million in 62 languages have sold worldwide. They were interviewing not only very young kids but also adults, like me, who were very fascinated with this young wizard.
From then on, I became Harry's fan, he conjured a spell unto me that I couldn't resist. The book brought out the kid in me! I read all 5 books (also my husband did!), stayed up all night to finish them, and watched his movies several times. Now I am awaiting for the next movie and Harry Potter's book 6 which will be released on Saturday, July 16.
QUESTION: What other magic did Harry Potter do especially to our students?
ANSWER: "Potter works wonders for kids' literacy".
QUESTION: What magic did Harry cast to his creator?
ANSWER: "IT TRANSFORMED a struggling teacher into one of Britain's most wealthy women and created a multimillion-pound publishing phenomenon."
According to the news, "...apart from making JK Rowling Scotland's richest woman, the teenage wizard she created has also persuaded millions of children to spend less time on computer games and televisions and more time with books.
Almost six out of 10 children (59%) think the books have helped them improve their reading skills. And 48% say Rowling's creation is the reason they read more.
Reading and re-reading books is very valuable in building fluency, and there is a strong link between reading books for pleasure and improvement in word recognition and comprehension." (
Who wants to be a part of his magical powers? Come and get it!


vonjobi said...

i also have a post about harry potter (For Harry Potter Fans) that you might find interesting because of the links. btw, since you like putting photos at the the top of your posts, check out For Blogger Users. i also have a problem with Real Life but i couldn't not drop by =)

watson said...

Hello Teacher Sol! I once did an article about Harry Potter Book 5 for Guide Magazine. One interesting fact is that Book 5 was flying off the shelves worldwide at 8 books per second, making it the fastest selling book of all time! I wonder how Book 6 will fare. And yes, I am a Harry Potter fan too!

Anonymous said...

Harry Potter
The Half-Blood Prince

Chapter 1- The Funeral

“Gotta go to the bathroom… gotta go to the bathroom…” Harry Potter repeated
over and over in his mind until the words lost all meaning. He and Dudley had just spent the past
two hours celebrating their graduation from their fifth years at school by having a soda drinking
contest, which Harry won. Sadly, it was a pyrrhic victory. Harry had set a personal record by
chugging down fifty-three cans of soda, and now he had to let it out… but where?
The restaurant in which the two of them had held the contest was just a small
diner, it had no bathrooms, and it was on a busy street, with very few other businesses. All there
was were houses, and Harry had to resist the urge to barge into one and demand to use the
bathroom. The closest place they could seek refuge was Dudley’s house, but that was a little
more than a mile away… could they make it?
“Why don’t you just use some magic and teleport us back home or
something?” asked Dudley, looking extremely red in the face, and almost in pain.
“I can’t… I left my wand at home,” said Harry, wanting to hit himself in the
head for doing so. He had been so used to just having his wand with him wherever he went that
he forgot that he actually had to bring it with him in order to have it. Back at Hogwarts, it was
normal to have his wand with him wherever he went.
Of course, nothing like that would be normal to us, only to Harry and the rest
of the wizarding world. You see, despite what you may think from the contest, Harry Potter is
not a normal boy. He is a fifteen year old, going on sixteen, wizard student at Hogwarts School
for Witchcraft and Wizardry. There, he among many other students learn how to perform
fabulous magic, and gain powers that could help them in dangerous situations, everyday life… or
situations much like the one Harry was in now.
“Arg, if I had my wand I could just summon us a toilet or something,” groaned
Harry and he walked slowly forward, the pain growing with each step.
“Oh, there has to be a place somewhere around here,” said Dudley, gripping his
stomach and desperately turning his head in all directions.
Harry couldn’t help but smile. This was his and Dudley’s first time out doing
something together, and actually enjoying each other’s company. For the past five years during
summer vacations at Hogwarts, and for ten years before then, Dudley’s family, the Dursley’s,
watched Harry. His parents were killed by the most terrible and vicious dark wizard in over a
century: Voldemort. He attacked their house one night, to try and steal Harry from his parents.

~*kattya*~ said...

hello po ate sol!..ako dn fan dn po ako ng harry potter..i can't wait na nga po sa upcoming movie nyan..excited na po ako!..:D

honeypooh said...

hey sol,,im not a big fan of Harry potter, but I wouldnt mind getting a copy of the book :-)

nikki said...

i have the 1st 5 books, can't wait for the 6th! :-D


VONJOBI, More magical powers to us, Harry Potter fans! He's coming back very very soon!!! Saturday is "D" day :D I checked your links na, haven't tried the photo feature here at blogger but will do that later.

WATSON, Hi! Amazing how this book sells! Maybe most people love being in the fantasy world and experiencing the kids in us! By the way, how does the new photo feature here at blogger work? Nakita ko sa blog mo that you already tried this new blogger feature eh.


ANONYMOUS, grrrr@#%! You are such a tease! Kakaasar naman eh, nakakabitin naman yang kwento mo. Ah, intro palang yan, pang akit sa readers and to let them know that they too should experience the enchanting magical powers of the great wizards and witches at Hogwarts?! Parang tunay na buhay, they are students of great teachers at a School of Wizardry; naiimagine ko ang pinanggalingan kong paaralan back home at mga sports activities namin sa school at mga subjects na na-take-up ko at lahat ng mga teachers ko na may iba't ibang personalidad. Thanks for the intro!

KATTYA, para sa age level mo talaga ito eh, pero marami pa rin pala kaming kids-at-heart sa mundo, haha. Keep posting here and interacting with us. I am in Maryland, and rae is busy too with her Heads Up and violin lessons. But she will see you guys this weekend. Enjoy!


HONEYPOOH, nakoh, try this one sister, you will enjoy every page of it. Di ko pinansin noong una, per what I started reading it, na-addict na ako, nakumpleto ko na lahat ng 5 books sa collection ko, at bibilhin ko rin ang book 6 para kumpleto na. Di pa nga nababasa ng anak ko eh, hehe. This addiction is again contagious, dearie, baka mahawaan na naman kita :D

NIKKI, oh here's another Harry Potter addict. So whatya think will happen to book 6? Dalaga at binata na sila lahat no? Sino kayang magiging girlfriend ni Harry, at boyfriend ni Hermione? Mamamatay daw si Ron, totoo ba?

mikey said...

Funny rin how I ended up reading all the books in the series so far. Kasi I was snobbing it before kasi I felt like it's kids stuff hehe

LadyWhiteSpirit said...

harry potter fan din ako as in kasi nandun si severus hehehehe taga canada siya at isa sa kaibigan ko sa bravenet.yung kambal niya na si sevina nand2 sa canada while sev nasa england siya.

enewey di pwedeng mag comment dun sa kung pwede lang sana...dahil banas na banas ako!haaaaaaay grabeh...nagtitiis lang ako dahil may palabra onor ako pero parang gusto ko ng mag give up...waaaaaaaaaaaaa hu hu hu

Ka Uro said...

mam sol,
hp fan din ako. kya lang yung book 1 pa lang nababasa. walang time e. pero lahat ng movies napanood ko na. hehe. anything that takes children back to reading is good. which is why i don't understand why some religious groups hate rowling's books.

thank you for sharing those links. very useful.

nikki said...

oo, teeners na sila. hmmm... baka sina harry at hermione ang magkatuluyan! :-D sabi nga, mamamatay daw si ron. parang gusto ko tuloy ulitin yung naunang 5 books!

honeypooh said...

HI Sol, Oopss.. I changed my mind sol. I’d better not go into this yet another contagious Harry craze..please don’t pass it on me…blogging is enough for me hehe..

watson said...

Hello Teacher Sol! I got my Book6 already! Just dropped by to answer your question on the photo:

Meron nang facility within blogger to upload photos, and then you can dictate the size and alignment. It's in the place where you input new post. Sya yung rightmost button sa upper part ng space where you write in your article.

bundi said...

Hi Teacher Sol! Thanks for stopping by my blog I'd be glad to help spread the word of the Pinoy Teacher's Network Btw, I am eagerly anticipating Harry Potter 6 as well!

nikki said...

yikes teacher sol, sakit ng root canal! pero kelangan para matapos na ang problem mo. btw, i bought harry potter 6 na. P1,500 sa national bookstore!

vonjobi said...

I just finished the first three chapters. Unlike all the previous five books, this one does not start slowly. War is at hand, the tension is palpable and that is, perhaps, the reason the book starts in the office of the Prime Minister (Tony Blair? Could JK Rowling be drawing parallels with the Iraq war?). Snape reveals that he remains loyal to the Dark Lord (but I suppose it remains to be seen whether this is, in fact, true). And Dumbledore finds it necessary to personally escort Harry from Privet Drive.

Don't worry, this will be my last post about the latest Harry Potter book until I finish it. By the way, as the first person to pick up the book at the bookstore this morning, I got a Hogwarts keychain. Photos will follow.

(Lifted from The Filipino Librarian's entry today)


NIKKI, i'm online, tapusin ko lang bago kong entry. Kainggit ka, mahal yang book ah. well, for the sake of harry, *sigh*

nikki said...

yes, mahal nga siya at reserved na yung ibang stocks kaya i grabbed a copy na. mahirap na, baka maubusan pa.

schatzli said...

not a big fan ok but do read it
pre ordered my book no need to join the queue

the first harry potter was sent to me all the way to the Indian Ocean by my sister....

Richard said...

hi Teacher Sol... watz up?!!! I'm not interested with Harry Potter. But I think it's time for me to read about the story... How I wish to own the new book....!!! :-)

jealine-anjel said...

Hey teacher Sol! About the new book of harry Potter I am not really a fan but my classmates are.

sharima said...

love harry potter. Sayang medyo bitin ang book 6... can't wait for the final book on the series.

niceheart said...

Hi Teacher Sol,

I'm also a Harry Potter fan. It was my oldest son who was then a 6th grader who introduced me to the books. Loved it! And it actually reawakened my passion for reading. When I started having kids kasi, I found it hard to find time for reading. Pero ngayon medyo malalaki na sila kaya may time na uli.

Yes, you can link me up. I will also link you to my site.

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