Saturday, January 28, 2006

Connecting through Writing

When students and teachers take writing beyond traditional classroom walls, they and their expanded communities often make new discoveries about the world and about themselves. (Connecting through Writing)

I firmly believe in this news article. In the third floor of our school building, that big banner says, " TECHNOLOGY brings you to places". Yes indeed.

We, in the Jefferson Cyberjournalists Team, would like to congratulate five of our students who has published in the Jefferson Online Newsletter this week (please see our website: . These students are now being trained for PODCASTING, Photography, Cyberjournalism, Web design, etc... by the Advisory Committee. They are now writing and publishing for the school's website, will create their own personal websites, and collaborate with a school in Western Massachusetts for the "CyberPals Project".

The CYBERPALS PROJECT (click here), is the new project that I am collaborating with Mr. Kevin Hodgson from William E. Norris Elementary School in Western Massachusetts. This collaborative project is designed to create a shared writing space for students who are geographically distant, by young writers from Washington DC to young writers from Western Massachusetts.

Thanks to the National Writing Project for giving us a website space and sponsoring this blog project for our students.


christina said...

Hello Maria. How are you? Congratulations on your Cyberpals project. I hope it goes really well.

bing said...

yes indeed. what a success inspiring those students. well done!

myepinoy said...

Well, I don't have much to say except Congratulations and Good Luck to this new collaborative project.

May God Bless you.

Big Dave T said...

That's great. I had a college lit professor just tell me this week about the lack of literacy of the younger generation. Keep 'em writing, but keep 'em reading too.

Off topic, can I complain about the Phillipine language? I have an unusual last name, one which allows me to do ancestry searches on the internet. But my last name is also a common Filipino word. Won't tell you what it is, but darn!

Fred said...

One of the more common problems I see with my kids is that they are horrible writers. This is an excellent project - well done!

judith k. said...

You continue to do great things with and for your students. We are proud to have you as a DCAWP TC.

DC Area Writing Project

Mmy-Lei said...

Good project, great minds.

wish you could spread your idea in our country. young generation today needs that encouragement.


aCey said...

wow, that is so cool.

kars said...

Blogging taught me a lot about other cultures and it brought me to the whole world. It has helped me hone my writing and computer skills.

And your project will surely educate other students too and connect with the other kids in the world.

Owen FV said...

another worthwhile project from Teacher sol!

Great job!

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