Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Teaching in Difficult Situation

My recent email to Harry K. Wong , he's been very supportive of me and consistently keeping in touch with me (I am so grateful):

I went to the article by Emma Mc Donald and was able to access the link: http://home.ezezine.com/344_2/344_2-2006. (click here). I printed out her article and posted it on the Bulletin Board near my classroom desk as a reminder to myself of what I have to do during difficult times in my school.

I decided not to leave the school anymore. I've thought about all these things happening to me and realized that leaving my school that I learned to love, and the students, teachers and parents who became my friends wouldn't do any good to me. I am reminded by my husband of our favorite line: "...Often the struggler has given up when he might have captured the victor's cup...(from the poem DON'T QUIT)" I believe I am the one who's doing the right thing and it's not me who has to leave the job. I just have to do the best that I can do, I may fail, but who knows...I may succeed. "8 weeks more, Ms. Angala"...I'll see it through.

I believe that things are bound to get better next year. I know I am facing right now what other men have met.

He'll be in Baltimore, Maryland to give a talk in August and he said he'll be glad to personally meet members of the Pinoy Teachers Network. I will be meeting with him, who wants to come with me?


harry wong said...

I have a similar take on your husband's line. Mine is: Never let a loser win. If you do, then you lose.

tita cita h. said...

The article written by Emma McDonald is an eye opener.

Hang in there!!! Tose deserving kids need you. I am keeping you in my prayers

Tita Cita

sis bopeep said...

Dear Sis Sol/Teacher Sol,

Keep it up! I'm sure you are doing well and some can't just put you down.

Am in LA already and will be in NY on Dec 14. Will be flying to Chicago for
the IRA convention on the 30th.

Take care!

Sis Bopeep

JW said...

Dear Teacher SOL,

Having been a teacher, I know how difficult it is. You might find some inspiration (or empathy??) from a film called TEACH, which is available free online: www.teachnow.org.
Good luck and hang in there!

Maria V. said...

Hi Sol,

Hope you're having a great time. Sarap talaga pag spring break. I had mine last week. I just want to tell you too that you are one great teacher. Hang in there...Everything will be fine.

BTW, If I will not be able to visit the Phil.this summer, I am thinking of attending Harry Wong's Convention, it would be great to meet you in person.

Smiles for the day!!!!!


Ka Uro said...

hi teacher sol,
tagal ko na di pasyal sa blog mo. this post got my attention because of that quote from the poem Dont Quit. also because it has some similarities to my latest post about a new migrant to nz wanting to give up and go home. kung may mga teachers na nagiisip mag-giveup dapat magisip muna sila. over here some of our kababayans have more basic needs. for example finding a job. some can't find the right job and they get disillusioned. have a good day and enjoy easter.

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