Wednesday, May 03, 2006

ADHD: Students with ADHD face hurdles in middle school

Maybe I am too persistent to get the parents of my students involved in the education of their child. Maybe I want to have a comfortable, relaxed, non-threatening relationship with my students and their family.

I did my weekly homevisits to my students last weekend so I can deliver personally parental copies of my students' IEP. The homevisits also introduced me to the community that my students live in. I was able to talk in a casual way to the family members and get to know my students in a more personal way. I can positively see that this will create a good working relationship with the parents of my students.

But one parent expressed her main concern to me which bothered me for several nights now. And just this afternoon, I saw this article (exactly the parent's concern) from the CEC Smart Brief:

Kids with ADD/ADHD can have a tough transition to middle school

Middle school can be a tough time for students with ADHD, who must change classes, keep homework assignments straight and often deal with a larger school environment. One mother of a ninth-grader offers tips -- such as creating a home routine and educating teachers about ADHD -- to ease the transition from elementary school. The Seattle Times (free registration) (5/3)

The parent's concern is that one of the teachers told her that "ADHD is just a plain excuse for these immature, problem students in the school" rather than referring to ADHD as a neurobiological disorder that it is.

Where do I start educating these teachers about the case of my students?


Anonymous said...

Are homevisits something all Teachers
do at your school or just you. I think that is fantastic.

Steve Smith said...

I'm surprised teachers aren't required to take courses in ADHD, Autism,etc and learn how to properly deal with these situation. It is so important to get kids the help they need and the early that can happen the better.

ms_v said...

Hi Marisol,

Hats off to you for doing the home visits. I might be teaching special education soon and your insights inspires me to go on with this career shift. The principal already approved of the transfer but I have to wait for human resources to make everything official. Can't wait.


ANONYMOUS, it is my own initiative that I did this homevisits. I believe the outcome is always beneficial for the students, the parents and's a win-win situation *wink.

STEVE SMITH, I agree with you that early intervention is very important as well as proper education of parents and teachers about the cases of exceptionality of these students.

MS. V, be prepared for the roadbumps ahead as a special ed teacher. I've printed a copy of this quotation you forwarded to us in PTN and had it posted near my desk "Teachers who inspire realize there will always be rocks in the road ahead of us. They will be stumbling blocks or stepping stones; it all depends on how we use them." Believe me, it's TRUE!

tin-tin said...

sometimes, even normal kids have a hard time adjusting to middle schools. but you know what teacher sol? i guess with teachers like you who not only are interested in a child's academe but his whole-being, he'll do just fine wherever he is. siguro just have constant communication with them diba? :)

Anonymous said...

Liz here from I Speak of Dreams -- Eide Neurolearning Blog has Who Receives ADHD Diagnosis in the United States available for download. It might help you.

Jasonmark said...

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