Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tech Matters 06 Theme Song

I'm back now in Washington DC, but I still haven't gotten over our recent TM06 Institute in Chico, CA. I guess most of us participants would agree that this is one memorable tech matters experience. We have a "Theme Song" that was sung during our fellowship night last Saturday night. Here it goes:

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In Chico, don't get discouraged,
They just think that you'll understand.
In Chico, we'll come together,
Wikis and Weblogs -- it all gets out of hand.

Even though there's heat on the street
We've made friends you just can't beat
And everything we've learned will slip away.

And I know, things will get better
Oh yes, they will, just like our leaders planned
Oh yes, they will, in Chico, it's all grand.


Dogtrax said...

What a great song .. oh, wait, I helped to write it with Joe!

It was so great to see you in Chico, Maria.
Talk to ya soon.

Paige said...

You are awesome Maria...It's great how you document it all and I can always go to your blog for TM06 dvlinformation. Loved sitting by you at Tech Matters.

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