Wednesday, October 11, 2006

TeachersFirst Class Blog Nomination

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I got excited when I checked my email during my lunchtime today. I received an email from Candace Shively, the Director of K-12 at NITV which is the parent company of TeacherFirst (a web resource for K-12 Teachers).

The email reads:

Maria, I sent this message on Monday, and I certainly want you to have time to respond. Would you just let me know ithat you have received it and when you think you might have a chance to reply?

As you know from the email Jean Savoy sent you,
TeachersFIrst is considering you for the TeachersFirst Class Blog award for your class blog at Jean nominated you, and your blog is good evidence of why. Before we make a final decision on the award, there are some questions we would like to ask you. We hope you will not mind doing this email "interview."

Please understand the audience for
TeachersFirst includes teachers all over the world (about 80% U.S.) with widely varying levels of technology skill and teaching responsibilities from pre-K to college education programs. We try to share both practical and theoretical information that teachers can understand in their own situations. Thus, our questions address both practicality and theory.

Thanks really Jean, I owe you a dinner out if I get this award.

Candace, thanks so much for considering my class blog for this award. I hope to meet your expectations.

I searched the internet and found the inaugural recipient of this award. Ben Goodman's efforts in the classroom earned him the TeachersFirst Class Blogs Award last September from (Article)


Sidney said...

Wow! Congrats for the nomation! I hope you get the award! You deserve it!

Kevin said...

Way to go, Maria!!
I hope you get the recognition you deserve for all the work you with technology and your wonderful student writers.


MV said...

Congratulations for the nomination.I think you rightly deserve to get the award.

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