Monday, January 01, 2007

5 Things About Me

My NWP colleague and cyberpal, Kevin, tagged me yesterday. It's been a year since I participated in this tagging game with my blogger friends. Since it's New Year today, I guess it's timely to reflect on things about me.

1. Since I got here in the US in October 2003, I gained 30 pounds! I really have to start putting out more calories than I take in to lose weight. Last year I became a Starbucks addict, I used to drink Starbucks Vanilla flavored Frapuccino as my breakfast every morning before rushing to work just to discover after a year of indulging in it that it has more or less 450 calories per bottle! No wonder I started buying bigger sized clothes, I went from size 4 to size 8, a nightmare! My New Year's Resolution is to shed off my unwanted 33.8% body fat and be able to wear my form fitting clothes again. I enrolled in Gold's Gym for one year, and I'm taking classes now in Yoga, Body Jam and Body Pump. I guess I have the will power now to accomplish this goal.

2. When I was 23, my waistline was 23. It's the reverse now, 32...waaah!

3. I am in front of the computer every hour everyday, except when I’m sleeping. I was appointed as the Technology Liaison to the DC Area Writing Project because they said "I eat, drink, sleep blogging". Yes, I used to have a chronic addiction to blogging, during when I was able maintain more or less 12 websites/ blogs and I became a member of several blog communities (I still am now). I am able to get away gradually with blogging now, and hopefully try to focus more on myself and the National Board Certification. But I still couldn't last without a computer hooked to the internet.

4. I used to be a school administrator, I guess I started my professional life at the age of 23. I used to run my own center for children with special needs way back home in the Philippines. Before coming here to the US, I sold my school to a sorority sister who was also in the education field. Now I never want to be an administrator anymore, I've had enough stress in my 7 years experience! I just want making a difference by being a classroom teacher.

5. I love music but music doesn't love me. Both my husband and daughter can sing gloriously, my hubby plays the guitar well and was a vocalist in his band (back in the Philippines), my 8-year-old daughter plays the violin and got her singing prowess from her dad. Well at least I can dance!

Why is this entry more difficult than when I wrote 101 Things About Me in my personal homepage two years ago? Reading again the list, I realized that it was much easier because I just wrote anything, whatever that first came to my mind about me. Please take note that this was written in 2005, and was unedited. No inhibitions, no cuts, no censorship so please pardon some of them, it shows that I'm only human.

Opps...I almost forgot that this is a tagging game. So, I have to tag 5 of my blogger friends:

Tito Rolly


Jayred said...

Hi, Teacher Sol. Thanks for the New Year greetings. Happy New Year to you and your family, too.

Just to let you know, I don't do this tag thing in my expat blog. But in the spirit of cooperation, may I just write my answers here in your comments box?

Five things about me:

1.) I grind my teeth at night.
2.) I used to wear braces (for five straight years).
3.) I used to know how to speak Hebrew, but not anymore (Israel is my favorite country).
4.) I'm a film buff and a book collector.
5.) I love going to antique fairs and buying wooden boxes.

Hope this will suffice. All the best in your future endeavors! God bless.

vonjobi said...

mission accomplished: Five Things About Vonjobi

i "hope" you have the will power to accomplish your goal =)


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