Monday, January 08, 2007

Digital Teachers' To Do List

My NWP collegue from Michigan, Troy Hicks, gave a list of some things to do for teachers teaching (and using) technology:

Subscribe to at least five blogs and five podcasts, and read/listen to the regularly.
Create a wiki. It can be for you, your family, your students, your school. Whatever. Just make one and play around with it.
- Learn how to post photos, videos, slideshows, or some other artifact online and think about other creative things that you can do with it.
- Create a digital story. Even if it is only a few seconds long.
- Learn more about copyright and how you and your students can use Creative Commons to produce your own digital writing.
Write a document collaboratively.
- Get an avatar in Second Life.
- Talk for free. Heck, talk to lots of other people for free about something interesting to you.
- Get onboard with the open source movement.
- Check out other Web 2.0 options.

I've been using and I've used some of these. I also recommend them for you to try with your students or when collaborating with your colleagues. They're fun!

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