Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Parents can track student progress on the Web

From the CEC Smart Brief:

Parents in Lake County, Fla., will have electronic access to their children's test scores and homework grades this year, via a revamped school district Web site. Superintendent Anna Cowin said the site is part of the district's effort to improve parent-teacher communications. Orlando Sentinel (Fla.) (free registration) (12/30)

This is a very important part of [their] Web site as it will give parents up-to-date access to student records and progress (see Informed Parent link). Even teachers are creating their own class websites and class blogs (see my class website) for this reason , this is so feasible. I really hope that our school/ school district can upgrade our technology and make this difference like Lake County Schools in Florida is aiming for.

- Teachers will soon input test scores, homework scores, attendance records and progress reports so parents can readily access the information
- Virtual daily monitoring and make communication easier for everyone
- Teachers, students, and parents will use the updated site with individual passwords for security
- Detailed information on academic standards for each grade level and further resources and links also will be included at the site
- The Web site expands on the current "homework hotline," which allows students to reach a tutor during specified hours. Tutors will be online as well so students may receive information while they are online doing homework.

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