Saturday, March 17, 2007

FIRST PHASE (Chapter 2)

I have the wisdom of all of my years
Nothing to hide, nothing to fear!
Gone out of school and working now;
Growing up, but I don't know how.
Trying my best to make you proud,
To stand out in the crowd.

Another few years and I am thirty-four;
So much more of life to explore.
A great new job, house, and child.
No longer am I somewhat wild!
But settled down and content with life;
As a loving mother and devoted wife.
I know it all - I know I do,
And I learned it all by watching you.
I have the wisdom of all of your years.
You supported me and loved away fears.
This is me all grown up and new.
All of this is THANKS TO YOU!!
I was born on June 30th 1974 in ABM Sison Hospital, which is now called Medical City, in Mandaluyong Philippines.

My parents named me Maria Lourdes Solivia. My mother’s name was Lourdes so they named me Maria Lourdes meaning “Little Lourdes”. But both my paternal and maternal grandmothers wanted me to be named after them being their first granddaughter; from their names (Soledad and Olivia) came my third name Solivia. I used to hate my name when I was in preschool because it was too long for me to write. But my Mama and my teachers said it was a good practice for me to develop my fine motor skills. I guess that was the reason why I mastered writing the letters of the alphabet at an early age. But still, it was too long for me to write! Eventually they agreed to shorten it down to just “Marisol”…Mari meaning “little girl” and sol Latin word for “sun”, in other words, “daughter of the sun”. I liked that! The name was a lot like me, very bright with great rule, very much my personality. When I came to the US everybody just called me Maria.

My parents gave me four younger siblings: Oscar Serafin (Junjun), Maria Antonia (Tonette), Maria Luisa (May) and Oscar Michael (Kel). Our youngest, Kel, was born with Down’s Syndrome; he’s always been special to us particularly to Junjun. I remember growing up with Junjun and Tonette, and I always thought about May and Kel as “the babies”, maybe because they grew up when I was away, I went to Naga City for Highschool and in Manila for College.

My most prized possession was my collection of photographs. For me, they were priceless because they captured those momentous events in my life vividly. Those moments could never happen again exactly as it did before --- my triumphs, our family reunions, and my transition from being a baby to a lady. All these comings and goings in my life were being evoked whenever I look at the albums of my photographs.

I guess I got my sentimental part from my mother. She always had a camera wherever she went. I admired each of her photograph collection; they were old and nostalgic. She had it in an album with captions and drawings, like a scrapbook. I saw her photo when she was my age, her hair was waist length and she was so beautiful. My father’s baby picture was placed beside my baby picture; it showed how much we looked alike!
Looking at the photographs has always been my way of reliving the good memories that I wanted to remember. Keeping a diary is another.

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