Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Down's Syndrome in Children's Books

1. ABC for You and Me= A basic photo ABC book with a wonderful concept, in which each letter is represented by a child with Down syndrome posing or playing with an object (apple, ball, cat, etc.). Designed for preschool to first grade, each page also has the corresponding letter and name of the object, to encourage letter and word recognition. A companion book, "1 2 3 for You and Me" is also available.

2. Russ and the Firehouse = This book is part of a series about Russ, a five-year-old boy with Down syndrome. Photos tell the story of Russ' day with his Uncle Jerry, a fireman, during a workday at the firehouse. Author Janet Elizabeth Rickert's focus on her son Russ' activities encourages readers to focus on the child and not his special needs (which are never mentioned).

3. Where's Chimpy? = Although this book features Misty, a girl with Down syndrome, no mention is made of her special needs. In photos and simple words, author Berniece Rabe tells the story of Misty and her daddy searching for her lost favorite stuffed animal. Since any young child can relate to the story, it is excellent for building awareness and inclusion at home or in a classroom.

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