Monday, July 02, 2007

The Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team (II)

B. Multidisciplinary evaluation team members

(a) Administrators - The site administrator, principal or assistant principal is an essential member of the team. Why? The administrator should be aware of specific resources and expertise within the school building. In addition, administrators are qualified to supervise the program and can commit necessary resources.

Specific responsibilities include:

· Completing administrative arrangements for team meetings, such as scheduling the date, time, and place for meetings.

· Preparing an organized agenda for the meeting.

· Identifying critical personnel and inviting them to the meeting.

· Inviting parents to the meeting.

· Chairing the meeting or appointing a designee.

· Encouraging each team member to participate actively during the meeting.

· Ensuring that each person knows what action the team recommends, who is responsible for implementation, and what resources are needed to support implementation adequately.

· Communicating administrative support of the team to all members of the school community.

· Promoting and committing resources to secure needed technical assistance.

· Identifying needed topics for in-service and developmental training.

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