Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Boy with Tourette's syndrome wins CEC award

Thomas Ostric, 12, won a speaking role in his school play and performed flawlessly despite his Tourette's syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder, earning him a CEC Yes I Can! Award. "The Yes I Can! Awards were developed to honor students who achieve despite their disabilities," says Lynda Van Kuren, CEC's senior director of communications. "With [Thomas'] outstanding accomplishments, perseverance, and hard work, he exemplifies the spirit of the Yes I Can! Awards." Germantown (Tenn.) News

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder Symptoms (OCD) means having behavior or thoughts that come over and over again and if these behavior or thoughts are not done then there is an anxious feeling of incompleteness. Some of the behaviors are normal everyday things, for example washing ones hands, checking doors or stoves, and some of the things can be unusual, counting to ten, counting while waiting for someone, hoarding money, or other similar things.

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