Thursday, May 22, 2008

Teacher Contract Would End Seniority

Sent out in the evening of May 21, 2008:
WTU Members:
In light of today's Washington Post article regarding the school system's seniority proposal during contract negotiations, it is important for our members to receive factual and correct information about this issue. Below is the current status report on contract negotiations as it relates to seniority:
- As indicated in last week's membership packet mailed to WTU members, DCPS' contract proposal seeks to eliminate seniority policies.
- The proposed elimination of seniority has prolonged negotiations and no tentative agreement has been reached on this issue.
- The WTU negotiation's team is committed to negotiating a contract that protects the rights and interests of all WTU members, that is fair and equitable in all areas including seniority.
- The WTU membership will have the final say on any DCPS seniority proposal, as well as, the entire tentative agreement (including any contract language resulting from contract talks) once negotiations have ended.
- It is the intent of the negotiation's team to expeditiously bring contract discussions to a close; however, until we have reached a satisfactory resolution to the seniority issue, we will remain vigilant in our efforts to protect the interest of all WTU members.
- I implore each of you to wait until negotiations are complete and you have had an opportunity for review. In addition, the contract negotiations team will conduct several open membership meetings to discuss and clarify all new contract language, salary proposals, and available options to our members.
It is the WTU contact negotiations team's responsibility to negotiate the best possible contract for our members, present it to our members for a vote, and allow our members to make the final decision. This ensures a democratic process and provides the necessary system of checks and balances. I strongly encourage all WTU members not to be sidetracked by media reports or other misinformation that may come from persons with personal agendas regarding contract negotiations.
If you have questions, or need further information on this matter, please feel free to contact the WTU office at (202) 293-8600. Thank you for your continued support of the Washington Teachers' Union.
WTU President George Parker

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