Tuesday, July 22, 2008

US Department of Education Teacher Workshops

I was so recharged and revitalized by the US Department of Education Teacher Workshops I attended today. I saw a lot of educators not only from the different states in the country (even Alaska!), there were even delegates coming from Germany and Canada (international!). I met some Filipino teachers too teaching in Baltimore MD.

I attended three very educational sessions today (click titles for handouts):
They validated some of the things that I am doing in the classroom. I also learned that most of us teachers, despite our different geographical locations, are having similar challenges with our students. I gained many positive and new strategies to bring back to my school.

One particular idea that I really love shared by one of the teachers is this:

"My principal has a "Catcha!" bowl in his office. He asks the teachers to catch students in action and to place notecards inside with students names and their corresponding appropriate behavior. At the end of the day the principal announces the names of the students and what positive thing they did on the paging system. The students were always excited to hear their names during the afternoon announcements. They would aks their fiends, "did you hear my name called?!" I hope this is something that we can also try this coming school year in my school.

They close the sessions immediately because the room gets full easily. I better sleep early tonight.

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