Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Scholars '08 Class Blog

One of my students was absent for several days because she was having some problems with her summer job. When she returned to class yesterday, she submitted all her homework and class assignments. One of the students asked how she knew about what we were doing in class when she was absent. She replied: "Everything was on the class website. Even the short story that we will be reading today, and I already did the vocabulary exercises on it". Yesterday, we played the "Hangman Game" where all the vocabulary words used can be found in the selection we read in class. We had a blast! (see the class blog for the Hangman Game we played Yesterday)
This blog is our class portal to communicate information about our class, to archive course materials, to publish the course curriculum, syllabus, class rules, lessons, homework assignments, rubrics, and presentations. Yes, there's no more reasons for my students not to review their lessons at home, everything is in this blog. I believe by having a class blog, I extend my classroom outside the walls of Cardozo SHS thereby helping them become even more successful academically.
Here's our Summer Scholars '08 Class Blog. Thank you for visiting our class portal.

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