Saturday, January 31, 2009

ActivSoftware Inspire Edition

I will call this a techie teacher week for me, and I can never be more excited. With all the cool stuff that are coming out for educators in the middle of a recession, I am so glad that I am a teacher. I realized that the world will do whatever it takes for the children to learn the skills that they should know and be able to do to survive in this 21st century.
I was on the phone speaking with a colleague of mine while surfing the internet on some techie stuff for the classroom when I stumbled upon this site...

ActivSoftware Inspire Edition is coming out soon! I bet those who know me can already imagine how I reacted when I saw this...I again said to myself "Oh gosh, this is what my students need, I want it!" It was like an answer to a tech problem that my students discovered recently.

Last Thursday my students worked on few pre-algebra items as a warm up before the class started. They were able to solve for the variables quietly and would like to show and present their answers on the Promethean Board. The board was big enough for two students to work at the same time, so I gave each of them an ActivPen. But something went wrong that they could not write straight when they started writing at the same time; writings were scratched. When I saw it I asked them to stop messing with the board but they said "it was the pen" . I tried writing at the same time with the student and it's true, my students just discovered a glitch! It was a simple technology challenge but they were a bit frustrated and one student just let the other go ahead.

With the ActivSoftware Inspire this is not going to happen anymore, "it offers dual input capability, allowing two users to use the Activboard at the same time". I also read that "Activsoftware Inspire Edition is fully compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux, and in line with current interoperability guidelines, is compatible with any brand of interactive whiteboard". It was another answer to the needs of the teachers and the students.

I can't wait to see what other educators say about this:

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