Monday, January 05, 2009

Rhee Plans Shake-Up of Teaching Staff, Training

"An undisclosed number of teachers with poor evaluations have been placed on "90-day plans" of counseling and observation to help improve their performance. Those who don't improve could face termination by the end of the school year.
Wil Parker, the Arlington-based board's regional outreach director, said Rhee told him that the [National Board Certification] program had merit but that it was "not an immediate priority." Krehbiel, herself board-certified, said that she admires the program but that its link to improved student achievement is weak. " The Washington Post
I find this really aversive. But am I discouraged to continue my National Board? Nope.
I believe that there is a formula for professional development. It is the same formula for everyone: educators, doctors, lawyers, etc.. We must study. We must be trained. We must plan. We must practice effectively. We must be challenged. And for us to be successful, we must persist.
This report is a must read: "Measuring What Matters"

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