Friday, January 30, 2009

Software for a class website?

When I first created my class website, I started small by just posting some greetings and a few class assignments. I played around with the administrator's page, tinkering and tweaking some of the widgets, I learned how to upload photos and create hyperlinks. It was easy as emailing, actually!
So, have you decided to create a class website and become a 21st century educator, and be more collaborative, innovative, visionary, risk taker and leader? Great! Let's not waste time and get started...

If you are already a teacher blogger, you know that there are many free blogging sites on the internet that offer this service for free. You can actually use a blog as your class website like what I did. Creating a class website does not have to cost you anything, and you can still have the level of security and the most necessary features that you need for a class website.

Here are some free hosting sites:

- TypePad TypePad is an excellent solution for small class websites because it includes the ability to customize your site's design, moderate comments, and much more.

- Blogger This is the one that I use. Blogger lets you create one or more free class websites, into which you can easily post text and photos. You can enable comments on a website-wide or post by post basis, authorize other authors, and establish your profile. You can change the design of your class website by choosing different colors and fonts, selecting a new template or even editing the HTML directly. There are a wide range of tools you can drag and drop onto your class website, such as polls, slideshows and link lists. You can also publish an entry directly from a mobile phone, adding text and photos without even logging in.

- Blogsome Blogsome is a WordPress-based website with a choice of themes and templates. You can upload photos, and personalise the design of your class website. Various plugins are available to further customize your class website.

- ClearBlogs You can set up a class website with a choice of over 30 templates, support for public and private entries, multiple authors and more. A WYSIWYG editor is available to make adding different fonts, colors, styles, and images easy when you write new posts. Spam protection features are enabled, and authors can ban individual users based on their IP address.

- LiveJournal You can use LiveJournal to set up a private journal, class website, discussion forum or social network. You can control the security of each entry, or make everything private so that nobody else has access. A wide range of layouts to choose from, with a wizard to help customize headers, footers and sidebars. You can embed media content from sites such as YouTube, Photobucket and Slide.

- Set up a public or private class website with one of over 60 themes. You can also customize the underlying CSS code for fuller control over the look of your class website. Built-in rich text editor with spell-checker and preview tool. Integrated stats. Automatic spam protection.

Yes, it's super easy to create a class website. Let me know what happens....

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