Sunday, March 08, 2009

Blog Award

A refreshing and revitalizing blog award nomination was bestowed upon me by a DCPS teacher blogger, Dee Does the District, and I am humbled by it. Dee is a first year teacher, a DC Teaching Fellow, who is very passionate about her job and an advocate of her exceptional needs students. She is an excellent teacher and very strong willed. I can see a future teacher leader in her. She writes...

I'm going to nominate another DCPS education blog for this award: Teacher SOL. Teacher SOL is maintained by Maria Angala who I regard as an outstanding resource to DCPS and also an outstanding champion for all special education students (and teachers). Although she has several blogs, Teacher SOL, is my favorite. It provides an incredible amount of resources for those involved in special education. And in addition to providing wonderful resources, she is also a terrific mentor to me and other colleagues. She is helping me and many others through this difficult year and I cannot express my gratitute enough!!

Thank you so much Dee, it feels great to be appreciated.

One of the things that make me a better person, or a better teacher, is self-reflection. I love keeping a journal since grade school, and I write poetry, and I doodle a lot during meetings, I record my thoughts. So when I discovered blogging five years ago when I was a struggling newcomer in the US (in DCPS), I immediately became addicted to it. In this blog, I post about the things that are happening to me, good or bad, then I analyze and reflect on how I can make my situation better tomorrow. In this blog I celebrate small victories and small joys and small wonders. This blog is a part of me, it chronicles my life as a migrant inner-city public school teacher, the challenges, how I survived and thrived.

There is one blogger who have followed my pursuits since I started my Teacher Sol blog - Nathan, the author of the DC Education blog. And I am giving him a shout out for all his contributions to us teachers, always keeping us in the loop of what's happening to DC Education. He's been busy but never fails to keep us posted. Nathan, I am your fan :D
Note, if you are nominated:
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