Saturday, March 14, 2009

Testing tips from my students

Because of the results of the last DC BAS which showed progress, my students are very eager to do practice probes and kept reminding me to give them more exercises aligned to the DC CAS. They said they want to be "TEST READY!", I can't believe how pumped up they are!

Following the advice of a colleague here , I asked my students what testing tips would they give other students who want to do better this coming spring testing.

Here's some of their exceptional testing tips:


  • -Put pencils in your backpack.
  • -Eat a good breakfast.
  • - Don't stay up late.


  • -Answer each question.
  • -Ask for help.
  • -Do your best.


  • -Share your worries with your teachers and parents.
  • -Relax. It's over.

One of my students even composed a rap, and I was very impressed because he did it in less than 10 minutes and sounded like a pro. Will upload and share it to you later...


Anonymous said...

good tips! You have awesome students! Their confidence reflects your inspiration!

- Deborah -

ms.angala said...

Thanks! Learned a lot from the National Board process, now my students are really achieving!

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