Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Comments on my class blog

Been busy lately with so much stuff that I seldom check and update my class blog. I was surprised to get a stream of comments lately acknowledging the resources that I have on the blog for the students and parents. Read on...

- Hello Ms. Angala, After viewing the blog you have created I am really impressed. Everything that you have set up for not only your students but their parents is truly amazing. I think this is a great way for communication, and I love that the parents can just look on here to see what is going on. I can tell that you really care about your students, and I can tell that the students seem to enjoy how you teach them. Those math raps were very creative and fun. Good luck wtih the rest of your teaching and keep up the good work with this blog. -Becky C.

- Wow, I am so impressed not only by all the work I am sure went into this on your part but also the students hardwork and dedication. The blog is incredibly organized and it shares the students perspective of learning. I just wanna say thank you for putting out this blog and keep up the great work! It is great to see a teacher who is so dedicated and students who are excited about learning. I am sure also that this makes learning fun for the students as well. Have a great rest of the year! -Sarah L.

- Hello---I love the idea of having lesson plans, students activities, etc on a blog for all to see. I have to say this is really impressive. It is nice to see a teacher who cares about her students and really shows it by writing in your blog. I do not know if the school you work at requires all teachers to have blogs, but if you are required, that is great because it seems like a great idea! I love the creativity of your students with the math raps and also how motivated they are to do well. Keep up the good work and good luck to your students on whatever test is coming up!~Erika H.

-- Hello Ms. Angala, I am a student of Professor Post and Trinity Christian College. Just from browsing through your site I really love what you have created! You really have gone above and beyond your call of duty! You seem to be VERY dedicated to your students and that is amazing! If I could encourage your students just by saying, take advantage of all that Ms. Angala is providing for you! You wont always have a teacher who cares so much about the success of the students! She isn't trying to just give you more homework, but what she is having you do will really benefit you in the future! You seem to have been really blessed with an amazing teacher! Good luck on the tests in the spring! - Becky N.

Thanks to those who left these messages. I try to do whatever it takes for my students to learn the learning standards that they need for the next level. These resources that I have in our class blog will help them review lessons and do homework and be ready for our class everyday. I appreciate all the kind words and I am sure my students will be thrilled to hear your messages. Please keep in touch and all the best!

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