Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Music therapy is used to benefit people with disabilities

Elizabeth "Lizzi" Gottlieb, 21, who has Down syndrome, plays at a lesson with instructor Bob Lieberman. "Lizzi will never be a total virtuoso, but she can play hundreds of songs and get joy out of it," he says. Playing the flute also built her breathing strength after surgery. (Tribune photo by Chris Sweda / November 21, 2009)
Music therapy is increasingly used with children and adults who have disabilities, and experts say it can help them improve their communication skills and process information in new ways. Playing an instrument can help challenge the area of the brain associated with paying attention, memory and making predictions, a Stanford University associate professor said. "This is a good way to engage multiple networks in the brain," he said. Chicago Tribune


Anonymous said...

I am Lizzi's father and she is so excited to have this article posted on the web. She googles her name all the time to see where and how many sites have posted the article. Thanks for posting!
Scott Gottlieb

Maria Angala said...

Sir, I am glad to hear about Lizzi's excitement of her popularity *smile*. She is a great person, you are very lucky to have her and I am sure she feels the same way for having a very supportive father like you! Give my hugs to her...

All the best,

-Maria Angala, NBCT-

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