Sunday, September 12, 2010

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For the first time in many years our special needs students at JMS reached "Safe Harbor" in the most recent DC CAS (State Assessments). Data shows that our students reach their maximum potential if we all implement best practices, and if we give the schools the needed time, tools and training. Last year we had smaller class sizes and more intervention specialists to support our teachers and special needs students in resource and general ed classes, and of course, we all worked hard together in our school to move everyone up. We made progress last year...

I am hoping that this year we will continue to collaborate to meet our common goal: helping our students succeed.

I have extended what used to be my class portal to our now JMS SPED portal in the spirit of collaboration. To innovatively address the issues that we are having (yes, we listen and we do something hoping to resolve everyone's concerns in our SPED Department in my school) regarding differentiating instruction, modifying classwork, and availability of SPED instructional resources to help ALL our struggling kids (not just students with IEP), we have made these accessible to you 24/7 even after school hours:

- letters to parents and students
- SPED syllabus
- class rules and expectations
- lesson presentations
- lesson plans and HW
- SPED course materials
- project rubrics
- helpful tips

How else can we do this? Any ideas? Email me:

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