Friday, April 22, 2005


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Age shall not weary as the years go by,
Or the going down of the setting sun,
Days of our youth when remembered,
They mingled with our songs and laughter of yesteryears.
To sit no more at the familiar places of home,
Where our desire and our hope profound,
Felt as a well-spring that is hidden from sight,
To the innermost heart of the land we have known.
The glimmering moonbeams through the shadows,
The stars that shall be bright when we are dust,
Moving-in gracefully upon heavenly plains,
Above the lonely, lovely Sera Sol HIll.
A single touch of hand of long ago,
Kindled the spark of love aflame
And so it keeps the ember of love burning - - forever - -,
Forever in my heart it still remains.

AUTHOR: Soledad Cribe, my paternal grandmother, now in her 70's. You will surely see her walking down the sand when you go and visit my "paradise", our family beach resort, in Pulang Daga, Paracale, Camarines Norte.


milkphish said...

i scrolled down and read your grandmother's beautiful poem.

my mother grew up in daet, camarines norte, and i remember spending summers over there when i was young.

funny, people might think 'pulang daga' means red mouse, but it actually means red sand or soil, right?

milkphish said...

i forgot to add that my maternal grandmother's surname is mabeza. my maternal grandfather's surname is sunia, but he is a transplant to daet.

Anonymous said...

Hi TeacherSol,

Very romantic ang grandma mo. Am sure your grandpa is doubly inspired. Wish I could create a poem like that.


Teacher Sol said...


glad you liked my lola's poem, I like it too. Never thought she's a poet; just now when my Tita in Singapore sent me this.

When I was in gradeschool, I remember I had a classmate named Bernie Mabeza? You related to him? Daet is such a provincial place, quiet, clean, undepleted and full of natural resources...or at least when I was still there. Heard modernization is creeping in now.

TJ, my grandfather passed away 5 years ago. But yes, they're very romantic to each other even in their old age...just like you and your wife.

milkphish said...

unfortunately, i am not familiar with my mother's relatives. i grew up in manila and only knew my dad's side of the family.

my mom also went to la consolacion, but only for high school, and this was in manila.

man! you have so much different blogs and websites --- how do you keep up? i didn't even realize that it was your life story in the philippines that i've read a few months ago --- not the whole of it, just the part about you and rainier, meeting his mom, living on your own, going to sleep hungry, etc...

i used to live in b.f. homes,q.c. --- very close to where you used to live.

keep up the great work!!!

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