Thursday, April 21, 2005

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* This is the very first poem that I was able to retrieve thru my cousin. I wrote this elegy exactly 10 years ago, August 29, 1994, when my maternal grandfather, Dr. Delfin de Venecia Gaerlan, passed away.

The time has come when you must go
Leaving all of us feeling low
After all the things that we have shared
We want you to know that we also care.
Though now we cannot see your physical presence
We can still feel your loving essence
You don’t want to leave us, we know
‘Coz you still want to see all of us grow.
You’re not yet gone, our beloved Pang
We believe that you’re still here with us
In the air your voice still hangs
And it is the same as it ever was.
We can still hear your laughter as you used to laugh
At your little jokes we all enjoyed with you
The time we spent with you were never rough
We really found a grandfather in you.
Now, it would be long before we see you again
Oh why do you have to be home so soon?
But in your memory we’ll try to stay as strong as we can
‘Coz we know in darkness you’ll shine through us like a moon.


Cerridwen said...

a very sentimental and touching tribute to your Grandfather. You maybe should have this printed and framed with his picture to be part of what your daughter can share to her children and grandchildren to show her family root. WOuldn't you be happy to see pictures of your great grandparents and know what they look like? :) I love history and anything that can help preserve and show it.

MAREN RAE said...

Thank you G, you gave me a good idea! I will definitely do that. I like it when brilliant people give me brilliant suggestions.

Major Tom said...

Hi Sol. This poem reminds me of my grandfather, who took care of me when I was a child. And its affecting.

MAREN RAE said...

Indeed, poems are very touching especially when it's written from the heart.

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