Thursday, May 26, 2005


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Yes, VONJOBI, I am a and I will always be one. I will continue doing exemplary works as a Filipina Teacher here in America because I want to give glory to my country. I am involving myself in this movement.

Yes, I am one of the Filipinos with the Great American Dream. I am one of the Filipinos who set out on their journey to foreign lands to fulfill their dreams. I am one of the Filipinos who have the aspiration of coming to America and earn dollars to realize the Great American Dream. I am one of the Filipinos coming to the United States to uplift their social and financial condition and to help those whom they left behind in their own country.

"I may take advantage of whatever opportunities come my way. But I will come home. A borderless world doesn't preclude the idea of a home. I'm a Filipino, and I'll always be one. It isn't about just geography; it isn't about boundaries. It's about giving back to the country that shaped me.

And that's going to be more important to me than seeing snow outside my windows on a bright Christmas morning. (“Blonde and Blue Eyes”, Patricia Evangelista)"

I still dream the Filipino Dream. Who will make it happen?

Do a Google search for “Filipina” and “Philippines”. Notice how the top search result pages for the keyword “Filipina” is littered with websites dealing with mail order brides. I’m starting a campaign among Filipino bloggers, more like a crusade, to “take back” these keywords. There’s a way, and it’s so simple. It’s called Google bombing. Read about it here. If you want to help now, read on. ( FROM MILKY SOFT)


vonjobi said...

salamat sa pagsapi sa kilusan (hmmm... parang iba ang dating LOL!).

lws said...

im so proud of you maam'



VONJOBI, parang gusto kong kantahin ang LUPANG HINIRANG tapos sundan ng PANATANG MAKABAYAN nang makita ko ang avatar mo...hehehe...
Proud ako na ilagay ang logo ng Pinay sa blog ko.

By the way, 3 awards ang ibinigay sakin kahapon, unexpectedly, I will blog about it this weekend, toxic pa ako ngayon. May interview din ako sa French Newspaper...di ba VON...YAN ANG PINAY!!!

LWS, Thanks, sana ma-inspire kita and you do the same, make our country proud there in canada, with your own simple ways.

Anonymous said...

Hey Teacher Sol,

It's so inspiring to read your blog on patriotism. Like you, we do feel this way when we live in another country. There's so many examples here that we can adopt in our country. Pure intentions is so refreshing coming from a young teacher like you.


ANONYMOUS, thank you, I know I have a guardian angel in you. I am inspired to do better because of people like you...

Soul_Seeker said...

hi teacher sol! i'm with you on that one. i may stay here for sometime but in the end, i'm still going back home to give back to the communities that shaped me and that remain close to my heart. no economic crisis, political instability, and crazy, selfish government will take that from me.



SOUL-SEEKER, yan ang Pinay!

arvin said...

ganda ng pagkasulat mo sol.. and i am glad that u are not feeling guilty about migrating to america anymore and tht u are ready to take advantage of all the oppurtunities that awaits you. cha ching on the bling bling bling ..... he he he...



ARVIN, pagkatapos ng lahat ng sinabi nyo sa TEACHER'S HAVEN entry ko dito, di na ako guilty. Salamat dahil may mga nakaka-relate sa akin. At naisip ko, kailangang buhayin ang pamilya, hehehe.

arvin said...

kailangang buhayin ang pamilya, i like that.. i have another good one that i use ---- i have to put food on the table.

malapit ka ng magbakasyon ah, ako naman, balik sa trabaho tuesday. monday is memorial day.
take care..

Clair said...

Glad to read you are also on the campaign! :)


CLAIR, like you, am proud to be a Filipina too. Hope this will not be your first visit to my blog. By the way, my husband is an ILS graduate too, anong batch ka?

Anonymous said...


The website has country information on the Philippines. It is a useful website for people who want to do research on the country. When I was studying in Washington DC, it was the website that had the most complete reference information about our country which I needed for my country brief presentation.(Not even our own government has this comprehensive and updated a material.I know.I work for it).If you want to see the travel warnings,go to the state department's website.

By the way, the CIA does these country reference pages for all countries, not just the Phils.



That is a very helpful information not only for me but to all my readers who will get the chance to read your post. Thank you so much!

Marc Macalua said...

hi teacher sol, thanks for the kind comments in my blog. Just want to say somethig about the anonymous comment you pointed out in my blog.

I've since learned that it's not about excluding some sites (negative bias) but pushing sites we want (positive bias). For the case of the "Philippines" keyword, my bias is towards helping or the wikipedia entry for Philippines. While the CIA World Factbook entry may be considered "factual" for some, I would rather have people read about the Philippines from the two sites I mentioned ;) Mabuhay ka!

Marc Macalua said...

BTW, thanks for the link! I've added you to my blogroll as well :)

Favor lang, pa-change na lang to Philippines instead of PINAY :) Baka magduda GF ko hehe

Jonas Diego said...

Hello! Thanks for an inspiring read. :)


MARC, thatnx for the correction, natawa ako don...hahaha. I'm glad to be a part of your crusade.

JONAS DIEGO, my pleasure to keep writing as long as I have readers like you who appreciate my writings. Thanks for letting me know that I inspired you with my entry. Feel free to post anytime!

Air Milikay said...

Note : I am not singling any one particular person here. I posted this in my Geronians Blog tonite: because of so much talk about the search engines results when the word Filipina is typed. here's what I think

I read this from a Filipina Movement Webring
Quote : Persons of high self-esteem are not driven to make themselves superior to others; they do not seek to prove their value by measuring themselves against a comparative standard. Their joy is being who they are, not in being better than someone else. : Unquote by Nathaniel Branden

However, it is a lot of shittolas because what is being propagated is a Filipino Class System, mostly mentality brahaha, just Bourgouise talk. (Them) The Filipino Intellectual Milleau distancing themselves from their viewed underclass The Filipino Mail order Brides, The Ladies Of the Nights and the Internet Modern Entertainers.

This is due to perceived class / morality issues like when someone types Filipina the mail order types, the entertainers pops up on the top 10 ranking on the search engines. Did you think, it is what it is, because there are hundreds of thousands of Filipinas registered on the Mail Order System, it has been placed many years so everyday when our sisters cruises the internet - types and searches for answers. Hey guess what? Don't you think it will be high rank in the search engines on the keyword "Filipina"

On the Entertainment side - do not blame the Foreigners entirely for making the Filipina word a top ranker in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, etc, etc. Think about it, your Filipino husbands, your Filipino brothers, your Filipino uncles, your Filipino cousins, your Filipino boyfriends must have some itches to scratch and must have gone one way or another to search for a Filipina Sex Word or whatever !!

My contention is : "chill", most people I know in Canada knows Filipina not as whores, nightclub entertainers, barflies or cheap brides. Filipinas are known to be herder of shoes, suave braggers and dollar stores fanatics. I bet you when you put these words in the search engines, it doesn't pops out loud because the realities of it is every nationalities have herders, braggers and fanatics.

Now why pick up on our underclass Filipina sisters who are just trying to put food in their table, any means necessary. Maybe they don't have rich Daddies like you, but hey they are using something to better themselves that you might not approved of morally or just rubs hard againts your high class system values.

Seriously I would worry more about those horny Priests , and how they could get away with it. Or I would worry about you cheating on your Income Taxes because you don't wanna pay 35% off your high gross income. Medium Gross Income. you get the point?

Come on give our underclass sisters a "break". Don't you have better or noble things to do than worry what would pop out when you type Filipinas. Wake up !! because what will come out when we search for the word "Filipina" is the Reality whether you approves or not. Who ever needs to search for something, the most popular ones in dire need wins.

Chill !!


AIR MILIKAY, As what Von said in his blog, "the objective is not to put anyone down, just to balance what we have now".

I can see through your kind heart, and you feel for those Filipinas who took another path to survive this cruel world. We cannot blame them. They are heroes too in their own right. Nobody termed them in either movement as "underclass sisters". They could've gone another way if they have a choice.

The status quo may be comforting, but for there to be growth, there must be change. We must seek ourselves and our environment not only as it is , but also as it could and should be. We seek the changes necessary to reach the better us so that we can play our part in making a better world.

J. Angelo Racoma said...

Tracking back! Check out my post here.

Air Milikay, you have a valid point. It's not exactly the fault of our less fortunate sisters who choose to sell themselves online. Sure, for those who have no better means to earn, it sure is a lucrative source of income.

However, in the long-term, if we do take the collective effort needed to change people's mindsets--which we are doing now--future Filipinas would not longer have to resort to selling themselves to earn. Or if they would be marketing themselves at all, it would be as respected professionals and skilled workers ready to take on the challenges of a knowledge-based global economy.

I discussed this in more detail on my blog.


Jimmy Online said...

You are not alone. A lot of Filipinos are taking their opportunities outside their homeland. Well, I can't blame them. The Philippine economy is down and there are no signs of recovery. It is sad that people like you who are capable of helping the nation are helping other countries instead.

monyo said...

I am not sure if the YAP movement is still active. I have been surfing and looking at the dates of the last posting and it seems like no one is talking about this movement lately. The first posting about this issue was dated May 2005 and it is now May 2006. I typed the word Filipina on google, although there are now desirable links associated with the word, there are still plenty of undesirable links associated with it. I have written a short explanation of why this is. I you are a YAP movement supporter or you know of one, can you please follow this link and pass it on.

Thank you very much

Suggestion to the Yan Ang Pinay movement

Poch said...

I AM INSPIRED! I'm a fellow pinoy in the DC area also. Keep up the great work!

Philippine Updates said...

Keep the fire burning!

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