Wednesday, February 08, 2006

iPods, iMovies, the Classroom?

I've heard about iMovies, iPods, iSharpeners, etc. being used by teachers teaching technology or teachers integrating technology inside their classroom. Have you heard about PDAs used by teachers in the UK to check the attendance of their students? Technology is also making the lives of classroom teachers be more convenient...if only we know how to properly use them.

iSharpeners, my teacher-blogger friend from UK posted an entry about this in his blog, Primary Teacher UK: "Now I thought that you couldn't get anything better than a electric pencil sharpener in your class (which I've never had!). Well I was wrong! Now you can get a Flashing USB Pencil Sharpener!"

Another blogger friend, John Clark, has a very interesting current entry on Integrating ICT in the Classroom. He wrote that "Technology integration is not simply about putting high-technology equipments inside the classroom. It needs to be carefully planned, structured and needless to say well funded. Be mindful, though, that technology is merely a tool. Its use shouldn’t therefore deviate the main focus on the actual course contents." [His blog] entry will look at some of the technologies that could be integrated in the classroom and discusses the strategies that [he has] employed while teaching ICT.

The other day my co-teacher, Mr. John Mc Dowell, who's been experimenting with integrating podcasting in his classroom, was successful in publishing his first podcasting on our school's community website . He did a great job for his first independent entry! I was very impressed with how he did his narration, with his voice very well modulated (I wonder if it was hard?), and the sound effects he used. Check it out for yourself,

I am having so much fun being a teacher teaching technology. I understand that most of my special ed students are not verbal learners, hence they just throw textbooks away. But when I started integrating arts and technology in my classroom, it's amazing how they respond positively and how they feel successful with our every classroom activity. They are enjoying our Language Arts and written expressions class and I believe that I am doing the right thing in maximizing my students' potentials.

More and more teachers are becoming technology advocates, isn't that great? If you know of another techie teacher please do not hesitate sharing to us *wink*...

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Ka Uro said...

present na po ako today.

sa school naman ng daughter ko lahat sila may laptop. although ok kasi lahat ng notes nila diretcho na sa laptop at madalas ang mga assignments ini-email na lang sa kanila. pero may disadvantages din.

napansin kasi ng anak ko na kung minsan daw yung iba imbes na mag-take ng notes habang nagle-lecture ang titser, ang ginagawa na cha-chat o nag-eemail lang sa mga kaibigan.

minsan pa binigyan sila ng English teacher ng spelling exam. yung sagot i-type nila sa laptop tapos i-email sa kanya. naturalmente perfect score sila lahat kasi may spelling checker di ba? it shows na mas magaling sa computer yung mga estudyante kesa sa titser.

John Clark said...

Teacher Sol, thanks for featuring my entry here. Just in case your school is still not using Clicker, you should recommend this to your principal or whoever is in charge of technology. Clicker is very awesome!

NvyBlu789 said...

Technology is definitely the way to go! My favorite techie tools:

1. 1GB Flashdrive
2. Digital Camera
3. iBook
4. Cellphone that has callendar/address book features
5. CD Burner

Frank said...

I'm also a teacher in Iran(not a terrorist type of course:)
I am in interested in exchanging link with you but and I was wondering if it is ok with you?

Owen FV said...

having been raised in a family of teachers, im glad of all these developments happening into the profession. did i hear them say the noblest of all professions? but a techie nevertheless.



TEACHER SOL on the one hand speaks how technology works in the classroom environment. Here you'll learn that checking the students' attendance is not it used to be, now they can be done by some electronic gadget, more efficiently and at lesser time. She says "Technology is also making the lives of classroom teachers be more convenient...if only we know how to properly use them."

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