Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Inner-City School Teachers Too

I am not alone in my experiences as an inner-city school teacher, this blogger is more eloquent in articulating his emotions:


Here's another brave soul who took the risk of being one of us in this profession and who's responding to the challenges fairly well:


I share their sentiments, I understand very well what they're going through. The only thing for us inner-city school teachers to do to survive is to get tough. Even when our mind and body signal perfectly good reasons for giving up, we go on. Tough is making decision for us to replace self-pity, complaints and dependence with self-reliance, independence and action. More importantly, in this kind of profession, I realized it's tough to be kind (but I have to be kind anyway).

Thanks to the DC EduBlog for pointing me to these entries and letting me know that I am not alone.


dcteachingfellow said...

Thanks for the kind words, but I think the real test about how I handle the challenges will be in the fall. I'm so happy to see your blog, and thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hey Teacher Sol,

I am a great admirer of teachers. They shape the world. It is seldom that great people would not mention their teachers as inspiration.

Mr. Moore said...

I'm another local teacher/blogger who can relate to what you're blogging.

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