Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Registered Teacher Agency?

The recruiter that brought me here was Ms. Ligaya Avenida, under a different recruitment agency. My accounts of this in this entry. She had had so many trouble with the law (Federal and Local), here's to name a few:



San Francisco Weekly (this involved death of teacher and family)

... and we teachers here in Washington DC are just few of her victims. Labor Attache Jun Sadusta settled the issues with her by asking her to cut the ties with us since she already did her job of bringing us here.

While surfing the net, I found her recruitment agency under a different name now: What's more alarming is that I didn't find her listed with the POEA, and she's brought thousands of teachers in the US, and is bringing hundreds more this school year.

From the news: "Ligaya Avenida and her partners could face some trouble in the Philippines. Investigators there tell the I-Team Avenida has failed to register as a recruiter as required by Philippine law. They take the issue very seriously."

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Anonymous said...

I sent an email to your Yahoo address for more info on this recruiting agency. My cousin is being recruited by her and I would like your input.

How did being recruited by her negatively affect you? From your post, it seems that you had a bad experience with her.


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