Friday, November 17, 2006

National Writing Project Annual Convention

I am in Nashville TN now attending the NWP Annual Convention as the Technology Liaison to the DC Area Writing Project. It's good to see my National Writing Project colleagues again and to learn from them. I just can't miss this gathering of the nation's professional teacher leaders, they inspire me to be the best that I can be in this field.

I am energized again to do something for DCAWP, our local site of the NWP. I learned yesterday how the other local sites have upgraded their websites to upgrade their local sites too: "WEBSITE REVISION, and SITE RE-VISION". Well, Kevin Hodgson, the Tech Liaison of the Western Massachusetts Writing Project, my CyberPal, did it again and gave a presentation that inspired me to do the same for my site. His presentation talked about upgrading old, functional website adding more style and information. This process led them to reorganize their site as well as their website. This is so feasible for our DCAWP site, and I would like to propose this to my site director.

It's good to unwind from the pressures of work sometimes, though I am worried about my students if they're doing what I instructed them to do when there's a substitute teacher, to show the substitute how good students they are. I promised them that I'm bringing them back something for each of them otherwise they will make it difficult for me to go because they really want my presence with them. They've gotten used to me, having them in my classroom almost the whole day for most of the classes they take, in my self-contained class. Parents and therapists are writing to me and thanking me of the surprising increase in their performance level and skills, some of them already stopped seeing their therapist because they already met their goals. I am mostly glad.

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